For over 100 years BCCA has been meeting  the needs of Correspondence Chess Players with a comprehensive range of Tournaments and Competitions. All levels are catered for with Medals, Trophies and Titles available to be won. Play via Webserver, Email or Post at a time and pace that suits you. BCCA members also have the opportunity to play in both home and international team matches.

New members of all standards are welcome and you can join us online via the ‘JOIN BCCA’ page on the top ribbon. Adult Membership costs £10.00, Juniors (under 21) FREE, Overseas £20.00

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL NOW OPEN! Go HERE to renew your membership & then proceed to the Payment Page.

Big changes this year so please read carefully. The main changes are:

  • Membership cost reduced to £10 for UK members (£20 for non-UK members).
  • An increase in the number of FREE tournaments. Webserver Trio’s are now free to enter! Also free are the Gambit/Counter-Gambit tournaments, Endgame Tournament, Handicap tournament.
  • A new tournament – the John Rogers Memorial will start in December (played on the webserver) and is also free to enter. John Rogers was Editor of the BCCA magazine for several years & also the author of two books on the History of BCCA. In addition, he was an Executive Committee member helping run BCCA for many years. We encourage all BCCA members to enter this tournament! Each player will play eight games with pairings based on the Italian system. Effectively there will be two tournaments: one for players rated under 2000, and one for players rated 2000 and over. The random nature of the pairings when using this system can cause unexpected results! Please enter.

Please support the BCCA by entering as many tournaments as possible. We look forward to your renewal!