BCCA Team Matches (Home and Overseas)

One of the main functions of the BCCA is to encourage chess by correspondence, to foster chess playing generally and to arrange Matches with other chess clubs, associations, and organisations. Russell Sherwood is the BCCA Match Captain and is constantly trying to organise matches against external opponents to achieve the multiple aims of encouraging chess, raising the BCCA profile and giving free chess games to our members. Yes, it is free! Matches are organised by webserver, by e-mail, or by post. In any match each player plays one opponent (2 games). If you are a BCCA member and want to play, please contact Russell Sherwood. If you are not a BCCA member, please consider joining now!”

Ongoing Events and Recruitment
I am looking for more events and opponents for us – if you have any suggestions please get in touch at leanthinker@hotmail.co.uk
Also if you wish to be added to the email list that announces these events please also contact the email address above. As a reminder – if you wish to take part in BCCA Matches it is expected that you remain a paid up member for the duration of the event.

Quarterly Match Updates are provided in each Issue of the magazine

Russell Sherwood

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