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Possible problem with delivery of latest BCCA magazine

Unbeknown to BCCA Editor Neil Limbert, the Post Office have reduced the maximum allowed width of their standard envelope from 8mm to 5mm. The magazine has been posted to all UK Members & UK subscribers this week but it is already clear that, whilst some members are receiving the magazine as normal, others are being asked to collect it from their local Post Office & pay a surcharge of £1.50 because, in the opinion of that Post Office, it is too thick for standard post. BCCA apologizes to any members affected by this & will refund all costs incurred on production of a receipt.

BCCA History 1906 – 2011

Many thanks to Neil Limbert (BCCA magazine Editor) who has produced a brief history of BCCA for the website which is now available to view on the ‘About Us‘ page and via this link It makes an excellent read and provides useful background to the club – especially for new members.