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A Clash of the Titans in this year’s Gambit and Counter Gambit Tourneys!

Results I’ve been eagerly awaiting!  Russell Sherwood has dominated both these e-mail events in recent years. Likewise Derek Gallimore has dominated the postal sections of these events over many years. With the closure of the postal section this year, however, Derek entered the e-mail tourneys thus offering new and strong opposition for Russell. So who would take the honours this year? It could not be closer!

Congratulations to the Titans and to the other competitors who played their necessary part in deciding the outcome.
Fred Clough

Gambit & Counter Gambit Results 2015/16

Gambit 2016

Congratulations to Russell Sherwood on winning both Tournaments with a near perfect 7.5 points. Richard Akrill is the runner up with a very respectable 5.5 points. Gambit Tournaments are unrated and should be played without computer assistance. They are designed to increase the understanding of particular positions. Members who also play OTB may find them of particular benefit.

The ‘Postal’ Gambit Tournament was won by Derek Gallimore with 4 points – well played Derek. This was the last postal event and Gambits will be email only for 2016/17

The 2016/17 Gambit Tournaments are open for entry now – please contact Fred Clough for more details.

2012/13 Gambit Tourney Results

Fred Clough has now published the results for the 2012/13 season. The Gambit Tournament (Post) has been won by Derek Gallimore. Stan Crammer has won the Counter Gambit Tournament (Post) and Fred himself has won the Counter Gambit (Email) Very well-played to all concerned. For more details click here

Entries for the 2013/14 tournaments close on the 31st August 2013, don’t miss out on the chance to test your tactical skill enter today.

Latest Gambit Tournament News

Fred Clough has updated the results for the Gambit and Counter Gambit Tournament.

It is still all to play for in the Gambit Tourney (Post)

2012 Gambit

Crammer and Wright are fighting it out on 5.5 each in the Counter Gambit (Post) but Crammer has two games pending as opposed to one for Wright. Neil could also enter the fray though he has just lost a game to Wright.

2012 Counter Gambit

Fred himself cannot be caught in the Counter Gambit (Email) with a score of 6.5/8 – well played. Second place is still open and looks like it will be a close finish.

Gambit Tournament Update

Fred Clough has supplied the following details of the 2012 Gambit Tournaments which are currently underway:-

2012 Gambit

2012 Counter Gambit

The Gambit Tournament is still wide open at this point, Stan Crammer seems to have the Counter Gambit (Post) in the bag and Fred himself is well ahead in the Counter Gambit (Email)

Selected Openings 2011/12 – Final Results

Here are the final results for the 2011/12 Season.

The Portsmouth Gambit B30 2011, Selected Openings Tournament played on the ICCF webserver was won by Andreas Kondziela with a near perfect score of 11/12, exceptional play. Fred Clough, who revived this opening, came second with 9.5/11. The full crosstable is available here

The Gambit Tournament and Counter Gambit Tournament A  have been won by Derek Gallimore and the Counter Gambit Tournament B by Neil Limbert – Well Played Both! For full details see the the Tournament Results Page