Payment Page

Make sure you complete the Membership Renewal Form or  New Member Form before making your payment (unless you are entering a tournament mid-season & you are already a member.)

Tournament Entry Fees can be paid as appropriate depending on the entry requirements.  The shopping cart will appear once you have added the first item to your basket, add additional items as required, confirm all is correct and check out with PayPal.

Overseas Membership  @ £20.00  per year 1st Sept – 31st Aug

Adult Membership (UK Residents) @ £10.00 1st September – 31 August

Junior Membership (UK Residents) FREE

If you would like to make an additional donation to BCCA then this can be done as a separate payment after completing your PayPal payment for subscriptions and/or entry fees. To make a donation, follow this link.

If you need more information about individual tournaments, please check out the Tournaments Page. Please note that the ‘Handicap and The Webserver Class Trio Tournament’ are continuous play.

Handicap Tournament Entry, Postal/EmailFree to Enter Just email Phillip Beckett with the number of ‘Handicap’ opponents you require – 2 games against each. If you want to play by Post only please indicate and state if you are prepared to play overseas players.

Webserver Class Trio Entry Free to enter from 1st June 2019 Please Email Steve Cole  with the number of rounds you require.

BCCA Medal Tournaments available for entry between 20th November  to 20th February  only 



Postal Medal Tournament Entry @ £2.00


Webserver Medal Tournament Entry @ £3.00



The following tournaments are available for entry between 1st June & 1st September only. Please do not enter without renewing your membership as it is a condition of entry and any entry fees may be forfeited otherwise.

BCCA Championship, Candidates & Reserves (Webserver)  @ £5.00

Individual Postal Championship & Candidates   @ £3.00


British Correspondence Chess Championship – this is a non BCCA Tournament, if you wish to enter please do so via EFCC.

Also available are  Friendly Games on request, see the appropriate pages for more information.

Stationery should be ordered separately – See the Stationery Page for more details.

British Correspondence Chess League (BCCL) Entry available from 1st October to 15th November.

Payment facility for non BCCA Teams WEBSERVER £12.00

Payment facility for non BCCA Teams Postal £8.00

Team Name MUST be quoted in thePayPal Special Instructions Box.