Fees & Prizes 2022/23


Schedule of Fees & Prizes for 2022/23

Following a meeting of the Executive Committee, it has been decided, despite rising inflation, to continue the policy of freezing membership and other fees while maintaining prizes.   This means that the Fees and Prizes for 2022/23 will be as summarised below:


Charge / Event Current Fee £ Prizes


Adult  £10

Overseas £20

Junior  Free

Mason Champs £5 £200, £100, £50
Mason Candidates £5 £20
Mason Reserves £5 £15
Postal Champs £3 £40,£20 Top Section only
Medal Webserver £3 Medal
Medal Post £2 Medal
Gambit/Counter Gambit Nil Nil
W/s Trios Nil Nil
Handicap Nil Nil
Endgame Nil Nil
BCCL W.S £12 per team £24 for top section free entry for lower ones.
BCCL Post £8 per team £24 for winning team
Adjudication fee £5
Appeal Fee £10


Membership and Tournament Fees can now be paid on the Payment Page This box is for any sundry payments for items not covered.

Name or BCCA Membership No.
Payment For:-