Book & DVD Sale (Ron Cooper’s library)

Ron’s library has very kindly been donated to the club by his widow  and is most appreciated. Books/DVD’s will be sold on a first come first served basis and the proceeds will go towards promoting the club and correspondence chess. Prices: £5.00 for one item; £8.00 for two items; £10.00 for three items. Postage & Packing to UK will be on top & will depend on the number/size of items ordered & your location. (EDN = English Descriptive Notation) Please email your requests to Neil Limbert

Sicilian Labyrinth Vol.2L Polugayevsky1991
Anti-Sicilians: A Guide for BlackDorian Rogozenko2006
Easy Guide to the NajdorfT Kosten1999
The DragonR Henley/ P Hodges1993
Play the Kings Gambit Vol.1Estrin & Glaskov1982
Play the Kings Gambit Vol.2Estrin & Glaskov1982
Kings GambitV Korchnoi/ V Zak1974
Play the French (3rd Edition)John Watson2004
French TarraschSteffen Pederson2005
The Main Line French:3.Nc3Steffen Pederson2001
How to Play against 1.e4 (French Def.)N MacDonald2008
Understanding the Kings IndianMikhail Golubev2006
Play the Kings Indian DefenceD Marovic1984
The Kings Indian AttackAngus Dunnington1993
Kings Indian AttackSmith & Hall1991
Modern Kings Indian AttackJ Hall & J Cartier1996
Benko GambitP Benko1974EDN
Ferocious Opening Repertoire (Versesov)Cyrus Lakdawala2010
Play 1.b4Yury Lapshun & Nick Conticello2008
Beating the Caro-KannVassilios Kotronias1994
Rubinstein AttackEric Schiller2005
Starting Out: The TrompowskyRichard Palliser2009
Starting Out: d-pawn attacksRichard Palliser2008
Dutch DefenceL Christiansen/J Silman1989
Alekhine's DefenceRG Eales / AH Williams1976EDN
Play the Nimzo-Indian DefenceS Gligoric1985
Catastrophe in the OpeningI Neishtadt1980
Tactical GrobC Bloodgood1970's?EDN
Open GambitsG Botterill1986
Openings for the Club PlayerT Harding/L Barden1987Reprint of 1976 original
Evans Gambit:and a system v Two Knights Def.T Harding 1984EDN
Chess Openings; Your ChoiceS Reuben1985
Winning with the English OpeningA Soltis1987
Stonewall AttackA Soltis1987
Benoni for the Tournament PlayerJ Nunn1982
Middlegame Books
40 Lessons for the Club PlayerAleksander Kostyev1986
Ideas Behind the Chess OpeningsReuben Fine1964EDN
Soviet School of ChessA Kotov & M Yudovich1961EDN
Art of Defense in ChessA Soltis1980EDN
Combinations: The Heart of ChessI Chernev1960EDN
Chess TacticsA Kotov & M Yudovich1983
Play Chess Combinations & SacrificesD Levy1980
Contemporary Approach to the Middle GameA Suetin1976EDN
Modern Chess TacticsL Pachman1979EDN
Chess Combination as a Fine ArtGolz/Keres1989EDNReprint of 1972 original
Positional ChessS Taulbut1983
The Basis of Combination in ChessJ du Mont1978EDNReprint of 1938 original
Complete Book of Chess StrategemsF Reinfeld1972EDNReprint of 1958 original
1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices & CombinationsF Reinfeld1955EDNReprint
Modern Chess StrategyL Pachman1971EDNReprint of 1963 original
Art of the Middle GameKeres & Kotov1973
Art of Attack in ChessV Vukovic1985EDNReprint of 1965 original
Combination ChallengeL Hays1991
Pawn Structure ChessA Soltis1976EDN
Endgame Books
Chess Endings Essential KnowledgeY Averbakh1987EDN
Practical Chess EndingsI Chernev1961EDN
Pandolfini's Endgame CourseB Pandolfini1988
Tactical Chess EndingsJ Nunn1988
Practical Chess EndingsP Keres1974EDN
How to Play Chess EndingsE Znosjko-Borovsky1974EDNReprint of 1940 original
Other Books
Chess Monthly (Bound) Vol.41Oct 1975 - Sept 1976
Chess Monthly (Bound) Vol.42Oct 1976 - Sept 1977
Chess Monthly (Bound) Vol.43Oct 1977 - Sept 1978
Chess Monthly (Bound) Vol.44Oct 1978 - Sept 1979
Duels of the Mind:12 Best GamesRaymond Keene1991
Test & Improve Your ChessLev Alburt1989
Mastering Chess in 21 LessonsVarious1985
500 Kings Gambit MiniaturesBill Wall1986
Fighting ChessG Kasparov1983
Games of Anatoly KarpovO'Connell & Adams1974EDN
My SystemA Nimzovich1974EDNReprint
Playing to WinJ Plaskett1988
Chess for TigersS Webb1978
Learn from the GrandmastersRaymond Keene1975EDN
Better Chess for Club PlayersPeter Griffiths1982EDN
How to Think Ahead in ChessHorowitz/ Reinfeld1973EDNReprint of 1952 original
Chess Master v Chess AmateurEuwe/Meiden1973
Chess PraxisA Nimzovich1962EDNReprint of 1936 original
Battle of Chess IdeasA Saidy1972EDN
Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever PlayedI Chernev1978EDNReprint of 1966 original
Best Chess Games 1970-80J Speelman1983
Play for MateHooper & Cafferty1989EDNReprint of 1977 original
107 Great Chess BattlesA Alekhine1980
Three Steps to Chess MasteryA Suetin1982
Secret Weapons of the ChampionsAdrian Mikhalchishin
Decision Making in ChessAdrian Mikhalchishin
Queens Gambit DeclinedAndrew Martin
The ABC of the ViennaAndrew Martin
The TrompowskyAndrew Martin
French DefenceAri Zeigler
Sicilian DragonChris WardFoxy Openings No.45
Accelerated DragonNigel Davies
The f4 SicilianNigel Davies
Easy Way to Learn Kings Indian Attack Roman DzindzichashviliRomans Lab Vol.28
Mastering the Endgame: Forum Series Pt 1Roman DzindzichashviliRomans Lab Vol.29
Think & Play like a GrandmasterRoman DzindzichashviliRomans Lab Vol.7
Transition to the Middle GameRoman DzindzichashviliRomans Lab Vol.3
Fighting PhilidorViktor Bologan