Title Points Awarded

Details of the current points position together with details of the qualifying tournament results. This page will be updated on a regular basis. Please contact Ian M Pheby if you have any queries.

Last Update: September 28, 2023.

15CopseyAntonyBCCA William Mason Ch 2021/22 1stBCCA William Mason Ch 2022/23 1st=
14BaileyMatthew W,BCCA William Mason Ch 2021/22 3rdBCCA William Mason Ch 2022/23 1st=
13KitsonKeithBCCA William Mason Ch 2021/22 2ndCl.3 No. 104 1stBCCA WS Gold Medal 2022 3rd
4EllisLesBCCA Postal Ch. Final 2021/22 1st
2McLaughlinKeith W.BCCA Postal Ch. Final 2021/22 2nd
2SherwoodHelenTrio SF 9 2nd
1CarrTrevorTrio SF 9 3rd

BCCA Master Points Table

BM Points TotalSurnameFirst NameTournament 1 ResultTournament 2 ResultTournament 3 ResultTournament 4 ResultTournament 5 Result
18SherwoodAlexanderCl.3 No.66 =1stCl.3 No.73Cl.3 Trio 83 =1stTrio Semi No.7 2ndCl.3 Trio 93 1stBCCA 2020 WS Gold Medal 1st
18JeffersonNeil2013 Gold WS 2ndCl.3 No.58Trio SF 3 =1stJohn Rogers Memorial A 2ndCl.3 Trio 95 1stTrio SF 11 1st=
17RawlingsAlanBCCC 2013/5 3rdBCCC 2014/6 3rdBCCA Chp 2015/6 = 2ndBCCC 2015/7 3rd
17YlonenOlliCl.3 No.47, 49 Cl.3 no.54, 63 = 1st2017 WS Gold 2ndTrio SF 5 =1stTrio SF 4 1st
16WilliamsonDawnCL3 Trio No.14, 45, 70Cl.3 No.54 =1stTrio SF 6 =1stCl.3 Trio 83 =1stCl.3 Trio 94 1st
15SitorusYosuaCl.3 Trio No.42, 50BCCA Chp 2017/8 2ndTrio SF2, 3rd
13BatchelorPaul2012/3 BCCA Chp 2nd2018 WS Gold 3rd2021 WS Gold Medal 2nd
12MaackKjartan2012/3 BCCA Chp 1st
12MuljadiPaul2018 WS Gold 1stBCCA William Mason Ch 2019/20 3rd
11MaguireGaryCl.3 No.16, 44, 57Trio SF 6 =1st
10WilsonDr MarkClass 3 Trio No.11Cl.3 No.69 =1stCl.3 No 77 = 1stTrio Semi No.7 1st
9BurridgeRaymondCl.3 No.19 1st2015 Postal Gold 1st2019 Postal Gold 2nd
8LyneColin J.BCCA 2020 Postal Gold Medal 1stBCCA 2021 Postal Gold Medal 1st
8ReedArthur FBCCA WS Gold Medal 2022 1st
7CorfieldJulian2012/4 BCCC 2nd
7TolhurstPhilipCL3 No.12, 64, 74 J1stCl.3 No.17Cl.3 No.85 =1st
7SpagnoliEugenio2016 WS Gold 2nd2019 WS Gold 2nd=
7CowanAlastairCl.3 Trio 82 =1stTrio Semi No.8 1stCl.3 Trio 96 1st
6FouldsEdmundCl.3 Trio No.10, 31
6EvansDavid2014 WS Gold 2nd2017 WS Gold 3rd
6SuttonAlan2012/3 Vets 3rd2013/4 Vets 3rd2014/5 Vets 3rd
6BellWes2014 WS Gold 3rd2015 WS Gold 2nd
6WilkinsonJames P.Cl.3 Trio No.80Trio Semi No.8 2ndCl.3 No.98 =1st
6BeckettPhill2016 Postal Gold =2ndCl.3 No.60 =1st2018 Postal Gold 2ndBCCA 2021 Postal Gold Medal 2nd
6RozanskiRobertCl.3 Trio No.41Cl.3 No.103 1st
6MasonIan J2012 Gold WS =2ndBCCA WS Gold Medal 2022 2nd
5KirkJason2014 Postal Gold 1st
5GallimoreDerek2012/3 Postal Chp 2nd=2018 Postal Gold 1st
5GardnerAllanCl.3 No.51 1stCl.3 No.74 =1stTrio SF 4 3rd
5GroblerDavid J.Cl.3 No.64, 66 =1stCl.3 No.75 =1stCl.3 No.97 =1stCl.3 No.98 =1st
4CranmerStan2012/3 Postal Chp 2nd=2015 Postal Gold 2nd2016 Postal Gold = 2nd
4CannonTony2011 Gold Medal WS 2nd
4VachtfeidlPetr2011/12 BCCC 3rd
4EtheringtonJohn2011/12 BCCA Chp 3rd
4NettlesEric2017 Postal Gold 1st
4JamesAngus2018/9 BCCA Chp 3rd
4McLearyIanCl.3 Trio No.79Cl.3 No.85 =1st
4OwenK JBCCA 2020 WS Gold Medal 2nd
4MoujanPabloCl.3 Trio 87 =1stCl.3 Trio 99 1st
4BruceRobertCl.3 Trio 78 =1stCl.3 Trio 101 1st
4PhillipsPeter Stephen2022 BCCA Postal Gold 1st
3 AkrillRichardCl.3 No.61
3ConternoDominique2013/4 BCCA Chp 3rd
3TillettRichardCl.3 No.34
3CookDavidClass 3 Trio No.20
3TeeJun XiangCl.3 No. 68Trio SF 5, 3rd
3ReadChristopherCl.3 No. 100
2LindopAndy2014 Postal Gold 2nd
2CarrTrevor2016/7 BCCA Championship 3rd
2TaylorTerry6th WS Final-2nd
2TerryPaulBCCA Postal Gold 2017 2nd
2CheekColinCl.3 No.60, 64 =1st
2LawrenceStephanie2022 BCCA Postal Gold 2nd
1KatrisAndreasCl.3 No.23 =1st
1RichardtMikeCl.3 No.23 =1st
1EvansRobertCl.3 No.30 =1st
1 EastlakePhilCl.3 No.69 =1st
1ScottPaulCl.3 No.69 =1st
1BeveridgeColinCl.3 Trio 83 =1st
1LundStevenCl.3 Trio 87 =1st
1NormanNigelCl.3 Trio 91 =1st
1FarmerMichaelCl.3 No.97 =1st
1ToonJamesCl.3 No.106 =1st
1HughesStephen JCl.3 No.106 =1st
(20 Points needed for Title)

BCCA Candidate Master Points Table

Points TotalSurnameFirst NameTournament Result 1Tournament Result 2Tournament Result 3Tournament Result 4Tournament Result 5
19BatchelorPaul2011/12 Cand G 2ndWS Trio No.12015/6 Cand B 2nd2017/8 Cand E 1st
19ReadChristopherTrio 199 =1st2020 Bronze = 1stTrio 208 1st2020/21 BCCA Cand A 1stClass 2 Trio No.120
18ConternoDominique2011/12 BCCC Cand 1st2011/12 Cand E 2nd2012/3 Can B 1st=
18FarmerMichaelTrio 147Cl.2 No.104BCCA 2019 Res A 1st=Cl.2 No.1232021 WS Silver Medal 2nd
18BradneyRaymond2011/2 Handicap 6th2019 WS Silver B 2ndJohn Rogers Memorial B 1st
18RozanskiRobertCl.2 No.47 =1st2015 WS Bronze 2nd2016/7 Res B 1stWS Silver 2017 3rdCl.2 No.121 1st=2022/23 BCCA Cand A 2nd
17DudeneyKeithWS Trio. Nos.35, 71, 97, 115, 122, 130, 138, 1712nd 2014 Bronze Medal
17EldridgeMark2012/3 Can B 1st=BCCC Cand 2012/3 1stTrio 57 1st
16TaylorTerry2011/12 Cand E 1st2014/5 Cand D 1st
16CloughFred2011 SOT - 2nd2012/3 C-Gamb 1st2015/6 Cand A 2nd2021/2 BCCA Cand C 2nd
16WittDaniel HA2012/3 Endgame 1st2014 Bronze Med (P) 1st2020 Postal Silver 1st2021/2 Postal Cand B 1st
16RoynetSylvieCl.2 No.802017/8 Cand F 2nd2018/9 HCap 2ndCl.2 No.133 1st
16DunnJohnWS Trio No.20, 153WS Trio No.39, 171WS Trio No,76WS Trio No.84Trio 212 =1stTrio 229Trio 245 =1st
16GraylandStan J.2020/21 BCCA Can B 1st2022/23 BCCA Can B 1st
16RawlingsAlan2014/5 Cand E 2nd2018/9 Can C 1st2022/23 BCCA Can B 2nd
15BellWes2013/14 Cand E 1st2017/8 Cand B 1st
15TolhurstPhilipWS Trio No.30Class 2 Trio No.13, 91Cl.2 No.81 =1st2020/21 BCCA Cand A 2nd
15TymmsJonathanTrio 121,145, 2282020/1 BCCA Res A 1st2021 Postal Silver Medal 2nd
14WrightTed2011/2 Gambit 2nd2011/2 C/Gambit A 2nd2012/3 C/Gamb 2ndPostal Silver 2015 1st
14SpagnoliEugenioCl.2 No.532015 WS Silver 2nd2017 WS Silver 3rd
14TillettRichardTrio 111Cl.2 No.552015/6 Res D 1st2016/7 Can A 2nd
14CannonTony2012/3 Cand D 2nd2014/5 Cand C 2nd2019 WS Silver A 2nd
14WhittakerIan P.Trio 1802018/9 Res C 1stCl.2 No.103Class 2 Trio No.113
14HudsonLeaTrio 162Cl.2 No.882019/20 Cand E 2ndCl.2 No.108
14ToonJamesTrio 237Cl. 2 No. 131 1st2022/23 BCCA Cand A 1st
13SmythSandyWS Trio No.29 =1st2012/3 Res C 1stClass 2 Trio No.192015/6 Res B 1st
13LundStevenTrio's 188, 189WS Trio No. 192 =1stCl.2 No.106BCCA 2019 Res B 1st
13BurridgeRaymond JohnCl.2 No.107 = 1st2020 WS Silver Medal 1stBCCA Postal Ch 2020/21 Cand B 1st=
12HalliwellToni2011/12 Cand D 2nd2012/3 Cand C 1st
12PattrickGrahamWS Trio No.44Class 2 Trio No.142015/6 Vets Cand C 1stCl.2 No.101 =1st
12ClarkSteve2011/12 Cand F 2nd2014 Handicap 3rdWS Silver 2014 3rdTrio 215
12ColeSteveWS Trio No.191BCCA 2019 Res A 1st=Cl.2 No.119John Rogers Memorial B 2nd
11DixonRichard2011/2 Handicap 2nd2016 Postal Silver 2nd
11FinnieDoug2011/2 Handicap 5th2013/4 Postal Cand C 1st2016/7 Postal Cand 1st
11WilliamsRichardWS Trio No.33BCCA Cand B 2013/4 2ndCl.2 No.46 =1st2015 Ws Silver 3rd
11FoxJimWS Trio's 56, 104, 125, 128, 176, 202
11Almarza-MatoCarlosTrio 148Cl.2 No.78 =1stCl.2 No.922019 WS Silver A 3rd
11TibbertPeter2011 Bronze WS - 2ndTrio 1722021 WS Bronze 1st
10RhodesLawrence2011/2 Handicap 4thWS Trio No.46WS Trio No.38
10RichardtMikeWS Trio No.48WS Class 2 Trio No.21Cl.2 No.41
10BrauntonRJTrio 3/88Postal Cand A 2012/3 1stTrio 3/92
10FarrarMichael2011/2 Handicap 1st
10BrothertonTrevor2011/12 Cand D 1stWS Trio No.11
10EtheringtonJohnWS Trio No.45E-mail Trio 5E-mail Trio 6Class 2 Trio No.15
10ThompsonStewart2011/12 Cand A 1st1st Postal Cand. 2013/14
10PickenR. Dave2011/12 Res A 1st2016 WS Bronze 1st
10EvansDavidBCCC Cand 2013/4 1st
10FouldsEdmundWS Trio No.8Class 2 Trio No.12, 89
10BaileyMatthew W.WS Trio No.203Cl.2 No.112 1st2020 WS Bronze = 1st
10MahonyJon D.Trio 2262021 BCCA Postal Bronze 1st2021 Postal Cand A 1st=2021 BCCA Reserves B2
10GunnTom2020/21 BCCA Reserves B 1st=2021/22 BCCA Cand A2 1st
10ShawDeneTrio 216Class 2 Trio 122 1st=Trio 241Class 2 Trio 130 1st
9HangerJBQuartet 4/48Quartet 4/50
9ScottPaulCl.2 No.81 =1stCl.2 No.872018/9 Can B 2nd
9KiddellTim2018/9 Res A 1st2019 WS Bronze 1st
9MannRHK2013/4 Postal Cand C Jt 1st2014 Silver (P) 2nd2019 Postal Silver 2nd
9HollandsGeorgeBCCA Cand E 2012/3 1stCl. 2 No. 132 1st=
9MortonPeter S.Trio 212 =1st2021 WS Bronze 2ndTrio 2442022 BCCA Postal Bronze 1st
8PardoeIrisTrio's 119, 142, 159, 173
8PhebyIan M.BCCA Cand 2016/7 1st
8RallabandiPraveen2016/7 Res C 1stCl.2 No.69
8CoatsJon2011 Bronze Postal - 1stTrio 3/91 = 1st
8SmithAndrewTrio 1702018 WS Silver 2nd
8MyhillDickTrio 2392022/3 BCCA Reserves B 1st =Cl.2 No. 134 1st
8EastlakePhil2022/23 BCCA Can C 1st
7CarterRobert2012/3 Hcap 1st
7PearceRogerWS Trio 109 1stNo.112 =1stCl.2 no.52
7CrawshawRobert2011/12 Endgame A 2nd2012/3 Endgame 2nd2017 Postal Bronze 1st
7KatrisAndreasTrio No.81 1st-JBCCA/C1/Tr84Class 2 No.35
7SmithMark J.WS Trio No.50WS Bronze 2015 1st
7ClappJoseph2012 Postal Brz No.1 2nd2016 Postal Bronze 1st
7KellettSelinaTrio's 164, 165, 167Trio 178 =1st
7McLearyIanTr. 177, 179Cl.2 No.102
7CareyGraeme2019 Postal Bronze 1st2020 Postal Bronze 1stBCCA Postal Ch 2020/21 Cand B 1st=
7Curry-MachadoJonathan2022 WS Bronze Medal 1stTrio 243 1st
6KondzielaAndreas2011 SOT - 1st
6KappelRayTrio 150Cl.2 No.79
6HallidayJamesWS Trio No.72012 WS Bronze 2nd
6WilliamsJohn L.WS Trio No.17Class 2 Trio No.9
6WeissLesterCl.2 No.72 =1stCl.2 No.93
6LyneColinHandicap 2017/8 1st
6GouldIainWS Trio No.52013/4 Res E 1st
6EvansRobert E.WS Trio No.37Cl.2 Trio No.11
6TysonTerryWS Trio No.23Res A 2012/13
6CowanAlistairTrio 169Cl.2 No.100
6HouptWilliamCl.2 No.652018/9 Can F =2nd
6ClaytonIan2015 Postal Bronze 1st2018 Postal Silver 2nd
6Sanchez CarolJCl.2 105 =1st2019/20 Cand C 2nd
6LythgoeMartinWS Trio No.32Trio 194 =1stTrio 199 =1stTrio 209 1st
6CunninghamPeter2015/6 Postal Chp Can C 1st2018/9 Postal Cand C 2017/82019/20 Postal Cand B 1st
6AshtonBarryTrio 231Cl.2 No.128 1st
6WhiteNigelTrio 224Cl.2 No.124 1st
6LockettJohnTrio 2052020/21 BCCA Reserves B 1st=Trio 238
5HallTimothy RTrio 1242016 WS Silver 3rd
5MooreGeoff2011/12 Res E 1st
5DouglasPaul2013/4 Endgame Em 1stTro 77 Jnt 1st
5GreinerTed2011/12 Cand B 2nd
5McLaughlinKeith2013/4 BFCC Vets Cand 1st
5RichardsonDavidE-mail Trio No.2Trio 214 1stTrio 225 =1st
5PalmerVincent G.Trio 186Trio 223 1stTrio 235 =1st
5BradleyWilliam2022 WS Bronze Medal 2ndTrio 240 1st
4SmithADJ2012 Postal Brz No.2 2nd
4ToyeDavid K.2011 Bronze Postal - 2nd
4BrennanRoss2017/8 Res C 1st
4MayJulianWS Trio No.69Class 2 No.29 =1st
4TupperAlexTrio 94Cl.2 No.70
4SmithRichard (USA)2017/8 Res F 1st
4ArmigerPaulTrio 132, 139
4WhymarkDerekTrio No.127, 146
4RobinsonBrianTrio 122 =1st
Trio 151 =1st
Trio 131
4OrmsbyAlan2nd BCCA Cand C 2013/14
4RattayWalterWS Trio No.40WS Trio No.22
4NettlesEric2014/5 Postal Cand 1st2018/9 Postal Can 1st
4FaustDieterWS Trio No.1972019/20 Res C =1st
4TannerGarryWS Trio No. 207Trio 222 1st
4MunroPaul R.2021/22 Cand B2 2nd
4RabyEugeneBCCA 2021/2 Res A 1st
4McMahonFrankCl.2 No.107 = 1st2022/3 BCCA Reserves B 1st =
4PowellJonathanTrio 234Trio 247 =1stTrio 245 =1st
4KnoxArthurBCCA/C1/Tr95 1stTrio 248
4de MailletAnthonyBCCA 2022/23 Reserves A 1st
3FenbyJohnWS Trio No.41WS Trio No.56 =1st
3HortonJohnNo.141 = 1stCl.2 No.74 =1st
3RobertsDavidWS Trio No.70Trio 122 =1st
3DennisonGordonWS Trio No. 13Ws Trio No.36=
3CookDavid P2018 Postal Bronze 1st
3WhitehouseGuyWS Trio No.15 =1stTrio 210 1st
3HardwickMartinTrio 96Trio 232 =1st
3DentonRon CatWS Trio No. 211Trio 232 =1st
2GaughanJamesWS Trio No.54
2BalshawAnthonyWS Trio No.31
2BurkeEdwardCl.1 Trio 106
2HarrisRichardWS Trio No.80
2BiddulphDavid2013/4 Postal Cand C Jt 1st
2LawrenceSpencerWS Trio No. 12
2ClarkePaulCl.1 No.100
2WoodruffDavid2012/3 Endgame 2nd=BCCA/C1/Tr97 1st (J)
2HowellDavidBCCA/C1/Tr89 1st
2RussellSHandicap 2017/8 3rd
2FrithRonnie2017/8 Postal Chp Cand 1st
2DaviesWilliamTrio 174
2WalkerJohnTrio 143
2O'BrienPeterWS Trio No.65
2JeffJohnTrio 184
2GravelleGaryTrio 183
2LeadBarry2018/9 Post Can C
2GrahamStuart WTrio 196
2EcclesAnthonyWS Trio No. 201
2TannerAlanWS Trio No. 200
2WalshHilary J.WS Trio No. 206
2NairDineshTrio 217
2RaffertyKieranTrio 221
2SlupskiMarkTrio 219
2GoslingDavid C.Trio 227
2StilesTonyTrio 230
2BarnettElliottTrio 236
2BishopEdwardTrio 242
2HoaglandCalebCl. 2 No. 132 1st=
1CrumpJohnWS Trio No.36=
1SummersRoyWS Trio No.67=1st
1EllisAndrewTrio 151 =1st
1RothwellJamesBCCA/C1/Tr90 1st (J)
1WybrewRobinTrio 116 =1st
1HarmanKenTrio 3/91 = 1st
1McLearyIanTrio 177
1JollyRichardTrio 225 =1st
1ShawAlanTrio 232 =1st
1BahrRandyTrio 235 =1st
1JoslinKayTrio 246 =1st
1WatsonWilfred A.Trio 246 =1st
1MacDonaldMurdoTrio 247 =1st
(20 points needed for Title)