Title Points Awarded

Details of the current points position together with details of the qualifying tournament results. This page will be updated on a regular basis. Please contact Ian M Pheby if you have any queries.

Last Update: November 24, 2022.

8KitsonKeithBCCA William Mason Ch 2021/22 2nd
5CopseyAntonyBCCA William Mason Ch 2021/22 1st
4EllisLesBCCA Postal Ch. Final 2021/22 1st
4BaileyMatthew W,BCCA William Mason Ch 2021/22 3rd
2McLaughlinKeith W.BCCA Postal Ch. Final 2021/22 2nd
2SherwoodHelenTrio SF 9 2nd
1CarrTrevorTrio SF 9 3rd

BCCA Master Points Table

BM Points TotalSurnameFirst NameTournament 1 ResultTournament 2 ResultTournament 3 ResultTournament 4 ResultTournament 5 Result 
18SherwoodAlexanderCl.3 No.66 =1stCl.3 No.73Cl.3 Trio 83 =1stTrio Semi No.7 2ndCl.3 Trio 93 1stBCCA 2020 WS Gold Medal 1st
18JeffersonNeil2013 Gold WS 2ndCl.3 No.58Trio SF 3 =1stJohn Rogers Memorial A 2ndCl.3 Trio 95 1stTrio SF 11 1st=
17RawlingsAlanBCCC 2013/5 3rdBCCC 2014/6 3rdBCCA Chp 2015/6 = 2ndBCCC 2015/7 3rd
17YlonenOlliCl.3 No.47, 49 Cl.3 no.54, 63 = 1st2017 WS Gold 2ndTrio SF 5 =1stTrio SF 4 1st
16WilliamsonDawnCL3 Trio No.14, 45, 70Cl.3 No.54 =1stTrio SF 6 =1stCl.3 Trio 83 =1stCl.3 Trio 94 1st
15SitorusYosuaCl.3 Trio No.42, 50BCCA Chp 2017/8 2ndTrio SF2, 3rd
13BatchelorPaul2012/3 BCCA Chp 2nd2018 WS Gold 3rd2021 WS Gold Medal 2nd
12MaackKjartan2012/3 BCCA Chp 1st
12MuljadiPaul2018 WS Gold 1stBCCA William Mason Ch 2019/20 3rd
11MaguireGaryCl.3 No.16, 44, 57Trio SF 6 =1st
10WilsonDr MarkClass 3 Trio No.11Cl.3 No.69 =1stCl.3 No 77 = 1stTrio Semi No.7 1st
9BurridgeRaymondCl.3 No.19 1st2015 Postal Gold 1st2019 Postal Gold 2nd
8LyneColin J.BCCA 2020 Postal Gold Medal 1stBCCA 2021 Postal Gold Medal 1st
7CorfieldJulian2012/4 BCCC 2nd
7TolhurstPhilipCL3 No.12, 64, 74 J1stCl.3 No.17Cl.3 No.85 =1st
7SpagnoliEugenio2016 WS Gold 2nd2019 WS Gold 2nd=
6FouldsEdmundCl.3 Trio No.10, 31
6EvansDavid2014 WS Gold 2nd2017 WS Gold 3rd
6SuttonAlan2012/3 Vets 3rd2013/4 Vets 3rd2014/5 Vets 3rd
6BellWes2014 WS Gold 3rd2015 WS Gold 2nd
6WilkinsonJames P.Cl.3 Trio No.80Trio Semi No.8 2ndCl.3 No.98 =1st
6BeckettPhill2016 Postal Gold =2ndCl.3 No.60 =1st2018 Postal Gold 2ndBCCA 2021 Postal Gold Medal 2nd
5KirkJason2014 Postal Gold 1st
5GallimoreDerek2012/3 Postal Chp 2nd=2018 Postal Gold 1st
5GardnerAllanCl.3 No.51 1stCl.3 No.74 =1stTrio SF 4 3rd
5GroblerDavid J.Cl.3 No.64, 66 =1stCl.3 No.75 =1stCl.3 No.97 =1stCl.3 No.98 =1st
4CranmerStan2012/3 Postal Chp 2nd=2015 Postal Gold 2nd2016 Postal Gold = 2nd
4CannonTony2011 Gold Medal WS 2nd
4VachtfeidlPetr2011/12 BCCC 3rd
4EtheringtonJohn2011/12 BCCA Chp 3rd
4NettlesEric2017 Postal Gold 1st
4JamesAngus2018/9 BCCA Chp 3rd
4McLearyIanCl.3 Trio No.79Cl.3 No.85 =1st
4CowanAlastairCl.3 Trio 82 =1stTrio Semi No.8 1st
4OwenK JBCCA 2020 WS Gold Medal 2nd
4MoujanPabloCl.3 Trio 87 =1stCl.3 Trio 99 1st
3 AkrillRichardCl.3 No.61
3RozanskiRobertCl.3 Trio No.41
3ConternoDominique2013/4 BCCA Chp 3rd
3TillettRichardCl.3 No.34
3CookDavidClass 3 Trio No.20
3TeeJun XiangCl.3 No. 68Trio SF 5, 3rd
3ReadChristopherCl.3 No. 100
2MasonIan2012 Gold WS =2nd
2LindopAndy2014 Postal Gold 2nd
2CarrTrevor2016/7 BCCA Championship 3rd
2TaylorTerry6th WS Final-2nd
2TerryPaulBCCA Postal Gold 2017 2nd
2CheekColinCl.3 No.60, 64 =1st
1KatrisAndreasCl.3 No.23 =1st
1RichardtMikeCl.3 No.23 =1st
1EvansRobertCl.3 No.30 =1st
1 EastlakePhilCl.3 No.69 =1st
1ScottPaulCl.3 No.69 =1st
1BruceRobertCl.3 Trio 78 =1st
1BeveridgeColinCl.3 Trio 83 =1st
1LundStevenCl.3 Trio 87 =1st
1NormanNigelCl.3 Trio 91 =1st
1FarmerMichaelCl.3 No.97 =1st
(20 Points needed for Title)

BCCA Candidate Master Points Table

Points TotalSurnameFirst NameTournament Result 1Tournament Result 2Tournament Result 3Tournament Result 4Tournament Result 5 
19BatchelorPaul2011/12 Cand G 2ndWS Trio No.12015/6 Cand B 2nd2017/8 Cand E 1st
19ReadChristopherTrio 199 =1st2020 Bronze = 1stTrio 208 1st2020/21 BCCA Cand A 1stClass 2 Trio No.120
18ConternoDominique2011/12 BCCC Cand 1st2011/12 Cand E 2nd2012/3 Can B 1st=
18FarmerMichaelTrio 147Cl.2 No.104BCCA 2019 Res A 1st=Cl.2 No.1232021 WS Silver Medal 2nd
18BradneyRaymond2011/2 Handicap 6th2019 WS Silver B 2ndJohn Rogers Memorial B 1st
17DudeneyKeithWS Trio. Nos.35, 71, 97, 115, 122, 130, 138, 1712nd 2014 Bronze Medal
17EldridgeMark2012/3 Can B 1st=BCCC Cand 2012/3 1stTrio 57 1st
16TaylorTerry2011/12 Cand E 1st2014/5 Cand D 1st
16CloughFred2011 SOT - 2nd2012/3 C-Gamb 1st2015/6 Cand A 2nd2021/2 BCCA Cand C 2nd
16WittDaniel HA2012/3 Endgame 1st2014 Bronze Med (P) 1st2020 Postal Silver 1st2021/2 Postal Cand B 1st
15BellWes2013/14 Cand E 1st2017/8 Cand B 1st
15TolhurstPhilipWS Trio No.30Class 2 Trio No.13, 91Cl.2 No.81 =1st2020/21 BCCA Cand A 2nd
15DunnJohnWS Trio No.20, 153WS Trio No.39, 171WS Trio No,76WS Trio No.84Trio 212 =1stTrio 229
15TymmsJonathanTrio 121,145, 2282020/1 BCCA Res A 1st2021 Postal Silver Medal 2nd
14WrightTed2011/2 Gambit 2nd2011/2 C/Gambit A 2nd2012/3 C/Gamb 2ndPostal Silver 2015 1st
14SpagnoliEugenioCl.2 No.532015 WS Silver 2nd2017 WS Silver 3rd
14TillettRichardTrio 111Cl.2 No.552015/6 Res D 1st2016/7 Can A 2nd
14CannonTony2012/3 Cand D 2nd2014/5 Cand C 2nd2019 WS Silver A 2nd
14WhittakerIan P.Trio 1802018/9 Res C 1stCl.2 No.103Class 2 Trio No.113
14HudsonLeaTrio 162Cl.2 No.882019/20 Cand E 2ndCl.2 No.108
14RozanskiRobertCl.2 No.47 =1st2015 WS Bronze 2nd2016/7 Res B 1stWS Silver 2017 3rdCl.2 No.121 1st=
13SmythSandyWS Trio No.29 =1st2012/3 Res C 1stClass 2 Trio No.192015/6 Res B 1st
13LundStevenTrio's 188, 189WS Trio No. 192 =1stCl.2 No.106BCCA 2019 Res B 1st
13BurridgeRaymond JohnCl.2 No.107 = 1st2020 WS Silver Medal 1stBCCA Postal Ch 2020/21 Cand B 1st=
12HalliwellToni2011/12 Cand D 2nd2012/3 Cand C 1st
12PattrickGrahamWS Trio No.44Class 2 Trio No.142015/6 Vets Cand C 1stCl.2 No.101 =1st
12RoynetSylvieCl.2 No.802017/8 Cand F 2nd2018/9 HCap 2nd
12RawlingsAlan2014/5 Cand E 2nd2018/9 Can C 1st
12ClarkSteve2011/12 Cand F 2nd2014 Handicap 3rdWS Silver 2014 3rdTrio 215
12ColeSteveWS Trio No.191BCCA 2019 Res A 1st=Cl.2 No.119John Rogers Memorial B 2nd
11DixonRichard2011/2 Handicap 2nd2016 Postal Silver 2nd
11FinnieDoug2011/2 Handicap 5th2013/4 Postal Cand C 1st2016/7 Postal Cand 1st
11WilliamsRichardWS Trio No.33BCCA Cand B 2013/4 2ndCl.2 No.46 =1st2015 Ws Silver 3rd
11FoxJimWS Trio's 56, 104, 125, 128, 176, 202
11Almarza-MatoCarlosTrio 148Cl.2 No.78 =1stCl.2 No.922019 WS Silver A 3rd
11TibbertPeter2011 Bronze WS - 2ndTrio 1722021 WS Bronze 1st
10RhodesLawrence2011/2 Handicap 4thWS Trio No.46WS Trio No.38
10RichardtMikeWS Trio No.48WS Class 2 Trio No.21Cl.2 No.41
10BrauntonRJTrio 3/88Postal Cand A 2012/3 1stTrio 3/92
10FarrarMichael2011/2 Handicap 1st
10BrothertonTrevor2011/12 Cand D 1stWS Trio No.11
10EtheringtonJohnWS Trio No.45E-mail Trio 5E-mail Trio 6Class 2 Trio No.15
10ThompsonStewart2011/12 Cand A 1st1st Postal Cand. 2013/14
10PickenR. Dave2011/12 Res A 1st2016 WS Bronze 1st
10EvansDavidBCCC Cand 2013/4 1st
10FouldsEdmundWS Trio No.8Class 2 Trio No.12, 89
10BaileyMatthew W.WS Trio No.203Cl.2 No.112 1st2020 WS Bronze = 1st
10MahonyJon D.Trio 2262021 BCCA Postal Bronze 1st2021 Postal Cand A 1st=2021 BCCA Reserves B2
10GunnTom2020/21 BCCA Reserves B 1st=2021/22 BCCA Cand A2 1st
9HangerJBQuartet 4/48Quartet 4/50
9ScottPaulCl.2 No.81 =1stCl.2 No.872018/9 Can B 2nd
9KiddellTim2018/9 Res A 1st2019 WS Bronze 1st
9MannRHK2013/4 Postal Cand C Jt 1st2014 Silver (P) 2nd2019 Postal Silver 2nd
8PardoeIrisTrio's 119, 142, 159, 173
8PhebyIan M.BCCA Cand 2016/7 1st
8RallabandiPraveen2016/7 Res C 1stCl.2 No.69
8CoatsJon2011 Bronze Postal - 1stTrio 3/91 = 1st
8SmithAndrewTrio 1702018 WS Silver 2nd
8GraylandStan J.2020/21 BCCA Can B 1st
7HollandsGeorgeBCCA Cand E 2012/3 1st
7CarterRobert2012/3 Hcap 1st
7PearceRogerWS Trio 109 1stNo.112 =1stCl.2 no.52
7CrawshawRobert2011/12 Endgame A 2nd2012/3 Endgame 2nd2017 Postal Bronze 1st
7KatrisAndreasTrio No.81 1st-JBCCA/C1/Tr84Class 2 No.35
7SmithMark J.WS Trio No.50WS Bronze 2015 1st
7ClappJoseph2012 Postal Brz No.1 2nd2016 Postal Bronze 1st
7KellettSelinaTrio's 164, 165, 167Trio 178 =1st
7McLearyIanTr. 177, 179Cl.2 No.102
7CareyGraeme2019 Postal Bronze 1st2020 Postal Bronze 1stBCCA Postal Ch 2020/21 Cand B 1st=
6KondzielaAndreas2011 SOT - 1st
6KappelRayTrio 150Cl.2 No.79
6HallidayJamesWS Trio No.72012 WS Bronze 2nd
6WilliamsJohn L.WS Trio No.17Class 2 Trio No.9
6WeissLesterCl.2 No.72 =1stCl.2 No.93
6LyneColinHandicap 2017/8 1st
6GouldIainWS Trio No.52013/4 Res E 1st
6EvansRobert E.WS Trio No.37Cl.2 Trio No.11
6TysonTerryWS Trio No.23Res A 2012/13
6CowanAlistairTrio 169Cl.2 No.100
6HouptWilliamCl.2 No.652018/9 Can F =2nd
6ClaytonIan2015 Postal Bronze 1st2018 Postal Silver 2nd
6Sanchez CarolJCl.2 105 =1st2019/20 Cand C 2nd
6LythgoeMartinWS Trio No.32Trio 194 =1stTrio 199 =1stTrio 209 1st
6CunninghamPeter2015/6 Postal Chp Can C 1st2018/9 Postal Cand C 2017/82019/20 Postal Cand B 1st
6AshtonBarryTrio 231Cl.2 No.128 1st
6WhiteNigelTrio 224Cl.2 No.124 1st
6MortonPeter S.Trio 212 =1st2021 WS Bronze 2ndTrio 244
5HallTimothy RTrio 1242016 WS Silver 3rd
5MooreGeoff2011/12 Res E 1st
5DouglasPaul2013/4 Endgame Em 1stTro 77 Jnt 1st
5GreinerTed2011/12 Cand B 2nd
5McLaughlinKeith2013/4 BFCC Vets Cand 1st
5RichardsonDavidE-mail Trio No.2Trio 214 1stTrio 225 =1st
5PalmerVincent G.Trio 186Trio 223 1stTrio 235 =1st
5Curry-MachadoJonathan2022 WS Bronze Medal 1st
5BradleyWilliam2022 WS Bronze Medal 2ndTrio 240 1st
4SmithADJ2012 Postal Brz No.2 2nd
4ToyeDavid K.2011 Bronze Postal - 2nd
4BrennanRoss2017/8 Res C 1st
4MayJulianWS Trio No.69Class 2 No.29 =1st
4TupperAlexTrio 94Cl.2 No.70
4SmithRichard (USA)2017/8 Res F 1st
4ArmigerPaulTrio 132, 139
4WhymarkDerekTrio No.127, 146
4RobinsonBrianTrio 122 =1st
Trio 151 =1st
Trio 131
4OrmsbyAlan2nd BCCA Cand C 2013/14
4RattayWalterWS Trio No.40WS Trio No.22
4NettlesEric2014/5 Postal Cand 1st2018/9 Postal Can 1st
4FaustDieterWS Trio No.1972019/20 Res C =1st
4LockettJohnTrio 2052020/21 BCCA Reserves B 1st=
4ShawDeneTrio 216Class 2 Trio 122 1st=
4TannerGarryWS Trio No. 207Trio 222 1st
4MunroPaul R.2021/22 Cand B2 2nd
4RabyEugeneBCCA 2021/2 Res A 1st
3FenbyJohnWS Trio No.41WS Trio No.56 =1st
3HortonJohnNo.141 = 1stCl.2 No.74 =1st
3RobertsDavidWS Trio No.70Trio 122 =1st
3DennisonGordonWS Trio No. 13Ws Trio No.36=
3CookDavid P2018 Postal Bronze 1st
3WhitehouseGuyWS Trio No.15 =1stTrio 210 1st
3HardwickMartinTrio 96Trio 232 =1st
3DentonRon CatWS Trio No. 211Trio 232 =1st
2GaughanJamesWS Trio No.54
2BalshawAnthonyWS Trio No.31
2BurkeEdwardCl.1 Trio 106
2HarrisRichardWS Trio No.80
2BiddulphDavid2013/4 Postal Cand C Jt 1st
2LawrenceSpencerWS Trio No. 12
2KnoxArthurBCCA/C1/Tr95 1st
2ClarkePaulCl.1 No.100
2WoodruffDavid2012/3 Endgame 2nd=BCCA/C1/Tr97 1st (J)
2HowellDavidBCCA/C1/Tr89 1st
2RussellSHandicap 2017/8 3rd
2FrithRonnie2017/8 Postal Chp Cand 1st
2DaviesWilliamTrio 174
2WalkerJohnTrio 143
2O'BrienPeterWS Trio No.65
2JeffJohnTrio 184
2GravelleGaryTrio 183
2LeadBarry2018/9 Post Can C
2GrahamStuart WTrio 196
2EcclesAnthonyWS Trio No. 201
2TannerAlanWS Trio No. 200
2McMahonFrankCl.2 No.107 = 1st
2WalshHilary J.WS Trio No. 206
2NairDineshTrio 217
2RaffertyKieranTrio 221
2SlupskiMarkTrio 219
2GoslingDavid C.Trio 227
2StilesTonyTrio 230
2PowellJonathanTrio 234
2ToonJamesTrio 237
2BarnettElliottTrio 236
2MyhillDickTrio 239
2BishopEdwardTrio 242
1CrumpJohnWS Trio No.36=
1SummersRoyWS Trio No.67=1st
1EllisAndrewTrio 151 =1st
1RothwellJamesBCCA/C1/Tr90 1st (J)
1WybrewRobinTrio 116 =1st
1HarmanKenTrio 3/91 = 1st
1McLearyIanTrio 177
1JollyRichardTrio 225 =1st
1ShawAlanTrio 232 =1st
1BahrRandyTrio 235 =1st
(20 points needed for Title)