Gambit & Counter-Gambit Tournaments

From 2018, these tournaments will be webserver only. Each tournament has a  choice of openings available within each section i.e. (a) Gambit Openings (as White) and (b) Counter Gambit Openings (as Black).

Each Tourney usually consists of five players in All-Play-All format, so eight games in all, one with White and one with Black against each of the others. *** Occasionally the Gambit and Counter Gambit Tourneys may be combined if there are insufficient entries.
Gambit Tournaments
In each game White selects the opening from the Gambit list*. In other words in each pairing of two games each player chooses the opening in the one game where he has White. You can choose any combination of Gambits, from the same Gambit in all games to four different Gambits.
Counter-Gambit Tournaments
In each game Black selects the Opening to be played from the Counter-Gambit list*. Thus, in each pairing of two games, each player chooses the Opening in the game where he is Black. Once again you can choose any combination of Counter Gambits, from the same in all games to four different gambits.

* The lists of Gambits & Counter-Gambits changes every season to provide variety of play. The list for each season is given in the Summer issue of the magazine.

NB. ‘The best way to refute a gambit is to accept it’ (Steinitz) Give it a try!

Contact the Tournament Director Alex Relyea for more information.