Webserver Trios Championship

OK you have achieved the BCCA Candidate Master & BCCA Master Titles why continue to play Trios? To become a Trios Champion and win £80!

Starting from Class 3 Trio No. 49 all Class 3 winners will be eligible to enter a Championship Trio Semi-Final, once we have three entries a Championship Trio Semi-Final will start and the winner will go through to the Trio Championship  Final and a guaranteed cash prize.

When we have three Semi-Final Winners a Final will be set up with a Cash Prize of £80 for the winner, £40 for second and £20 for third.

Players will need to have pre-paid rounds available to play in a Semi-Final. Semi Final. Winners gain free entry to the final.

For full the full Trio Playing Rules please Click Here

The Trios Championship will continue to run on a continuous basis for Class 3 Trio winners.

Don’t miss out – enter a Trio today, Remember players rated > 2200 start in Class 3 and therefore are possibly only 2 rounds away from a cash prize