Medal Tournament Results

BCCA started its first Medal tournaments in February/March 2011. Interest was high with 49 players entering in total, split into 27 by webserver and 22 by post. Entries are increasing year on year and 2017 saw 68 entries (53 webserver, 15 post). With only the winner of the tournament receiving a medal, competition has been very keen and winning games is at a premium – too many draws will not win such a tournament. This means aggressive risky play can be rewarded which encourages interesting chess. Medal Winners were as follows:-
2011GoldWebserverMark Eldridge
2011GoldPostalAnthony Balshaw
2011SilverWebserverAllan Gardner & Neil Jefferson
2011SilverPostalStan Cranmer
2011BronzeWebserverBill Clews
2011BronzePostal No 1Jason Kirk
2011BronzePostal No 2Jon Coats
2012GoldWebserverDavid Coyne
2012GoldPostalLes Ellis
2012SilverWebserverArthur Reed
2012SilverPostalJason Kirk
2012BronzeWebserverKevin Eansworth
2012BronzePostal No 1Andy Lindop
2012BronzePostal No 2Ben Wood
2013GoldWebserverLeslie Eastoe
2013GoldPostalAndrew Dearnley
2013SilverWebserverDavid Cook
2013SilverPostalAndy Lindop
2013BronzeWebserverGeoffrey Herbert
2013BronzePostalRaymond Cox
2014GoldWebserverDavid Coyne
2014GoldPostalJason Kirk
2014Silver No.1WebserverColin Beveridge
2014Silver No.2WebserverDave Grobler
2014SilverPostalRaymond Burridge
2014Bronze No.1WebserverRobert Bruce
2014Bronze No.2WebserverBill Clews
2014BronzePostalDavid Elwood
2015GoldWebserverBrian Thompson
2015Silver No.1WebserverHelen Sherwood
2015Silver No.2WebserverIan Mason
2015Bronze No.1WebserverMalcolm Winter
2015Bronze No.2WebserverMark Smith
2015GoldPostalRaymond Burridge
2015SilverPostalEE Wright
2015BronzePostalIan Clayton
2016GoldWebserverBrian Thompson
2016Silver No.1WebserverYosua Sitorus
2016Silver No.2WebserverAlexander Sherwood
2016Silver No.3WebserverRichard Akrill
2016BronzeWebserverDavid Picken
2016GoldPostalIan M Pheby
2016SilverPostalPaul Terry
2016BronzePostalJoseph Clapp
2017GoldWebserverRussell Sherwood
2017Silver No.1WebserverAlex Relyea
2017Silver No.2WebserverAllan Gardner
2017Silver No.3WebserverNeil Jefferson
2017BronzeWebserverGreg Hughes
2017GoldPostalEric P Nettles
2017SilverPostalPhill Beckett
2017BronzePostalBob Crawshaw
2018GoldWebserverPaul Muljadi
2018Silver No.1WebserverAnthony Roberts
2018Silver No.2WebserverDave Grobler
2018BronzeWebserverStephen Woodhouse
2018GoldPostalDerek Gallimore
2018SilverPostalRonnie Frith
2018BronzePostalDavid Cook
2019GoldWebserverBrian Thompson
2019Silver AWebserverAntony Copsey
2019Silver BWebserverRobert Bruce
2019BronzeWebserverTim Kiddell
2019GoldPostalRussell Sherwood
2019SilverPostalStephanie Lawrence
2019BronzePostalGraeme Carey
2020GoldPostalColin J. Lyne
2020SilverPostalDaniel Witt
2020BronzePostalGraeme Carey
2020GoldWebserverAlexander Sherwood
2020SilverWebserverRaymond John Burridge
2020BronzeWebserverChristopher Read and Matthew W. Bailey
2021GoldWebserverMatthew W. Bailey
2021SilverWebserverRobert Bruce
2021BronzeWebserverPeter H. Tibbert
2022GoldWebserverArthur F Reed
2022SilverWebserverColin Cheek
2022BronzeWebserverJonathan Curry-Machado