Medal Tournaments

Start February annually.

The winner of each tournament receives a BCCA Medal engraved with their name. Given that only the winner receives this prize, these tournaments reward positive play. Cautious play with players taking draws too quickly will not win a Medal. However, in addition to the winner’s Medal, BCCA Master & Candidate Master points are available to 1st, 2nd & sometimes 3rd placed players.

Entrants will be allocated according to rating & the tournaments split evenly, in terms of numbers. The only exceptions will be the Silver & Bronze Medal winners of last year who will definitely move up one tournament providing it is feasible.

Remember these tournaments are different to anything else BCCA offers! Players will be matched with players of approximately equal strength so this should result in enjoyable chess all round. Only the Winner will receive the Medal!

Tournaments are offered on a Postal and Webserver basis. Players can enter both if they wish. Postal Tournaments are open to UK residents only. Webserver Tournaments are open to all members. The Application form will be enclosed loose within the Yearbook (issued December annually) or you can enter online on the Payment Page of this website (when entry is open).

Postal tournaments will normally consist of 5 or 6 players (playing each opponent twice, 8 or 10 games) – it is not viable with less. Webserver tournaments should consist of 7 to 11 players (playing each other once). However, I ask players to be as flexible as possible so I can try and make sure everyone gets to play.

Controllers: Ian M Pheby (webserver) and Raymond Burridge (postal)