BCCA Continuous

The BCCA is launching a new tournament, the BCCA Continuous, which, in accordance with its name, is intended to run continuously.    Subject to ICCF approval, it will be ICCF rated with a proposed start date of 15th June 2023.

  1. The tournament will follow all ICCF rules, but there are no title norms available.
  2. Entry is only open to BCCA members.
  3. There is an entry fee of £4 to cover one entry to a preliminary section and any semi-finals and Final relating to qualification from that preliminary event.
  4. There will be three sections:
    • Preliminary groups of five players (double round all play all)
    • Semi Final Groups of seven players (double round all play all)
    • Final groups of eleven players (single round all play all)
  1. The ICCF Triple Block time control will be used in all sections, with 350 days in the Preliminary and Semi Final Sections and 550 in finals.
  2.  Sections will be formed continuously with no seeding.
  3. All players will start in a preliminary section (multiple entries allowed).
  4. Winners of each section (with a plus score) will proceed to the next higher section.
  5. Winners will be determined using all ICCF tie breaks (where there is a multiple tie after all tie breaks have been applied all players will qualify).
  6. There will be a prize fund as follows:Winner of a preliminary section £10Winner of a Semi Final section £25

    Winner of a final £200, second place £100, third place £50.

    The tournament organiser is Keith Kitson.   Further information can be obtained by contacting Keith.