Allan Gardner wins 2017 Silver Medal tournament

Congratulations to Allan Gardner who wins this tournament with a score of 6.5/8 – well played Allan! Allan wins an engraved Silver Medal.
2nd place goes to Jun Xiang Tee who is awarded 6 Candidate Master points (taking his total to 15).
3rd place goes to Robert Rozanski who is awarded 3 Candidate Master points (taking his total to 12).

The final crosstable can be seen here

New Candidate Master – William Lindberg

BCCA overseas member (USA) Bill Lindberg has been awarded the BCCA Candidate Master Title after he has accumulated the necessary 20 BCCA Candidate Master points. Congratulations to Bill!

He won four Class 1 Trio’s and came 1st (or =1st) in three Class 2 Trio’s. He came 3rd in the 2016 Silver Medal tournament & he has just won a Reserves tournament. All these tournaments help him acquire Candidate Master points.

You can see the full list of BCCA Title holders here

You can also see a full list of all Title points awarded for every BCCA player who has not yet been awarded the Title here It is a long list – over 100 players on the Candidate Master points list!

Webserver Trios Results Update

Here are the latest results.

We start with Class 2 Trio No. 85 where Xiang Jun  Tee and James Wilkinson share the honours with 3 points each. Both receive 2 BCM points leaving James just needing 1 more point for the BCM title.

Next we have Class 3 Trio No. 52 where Alexander Relyea prevailed with a score of 2.5/4 in a tough battle with CCE, BCM Alexander Sherwood. He will now play for a place in a Trios Championship Semi-final and receives 3 BM Points.

BCM Neil Jefferson is the winner of Class 3 Trio No. 58 with a score of 2.5/4 in a close match with David Grobler. Neil also goes on to play for a place in Trios Championship Semi Final and receives 3 coveted BM Points bringing his total to 7

Class 1 Trio 171 has been won by Keith Dudeney with a score of 2.5/4 against Jim Fox and Chris Kent. Keith receives 2 BCM points taking his total to 17 and is promoted to Class 2

Iris Pardoe is the winner of Class 1 Trio 173 with a perfect score of 4/4 against Martin Hardwick and Keith Dudeney, well played. Iris receives 2 more BCM Points bring her total to 8




Free Chess Books!

BCCA member Bill Clews wishes to dispose of his chess book collection. In his words:

“If any member would like to collect them I have a 6′ 6″ bookshelf of chess books, totally free. The usual sort of collection – openings, middle game and endings, plus game collections etc. Some old and some more recent. Time of collection can be arranged through email.”

Bill lives in Leyland (between Manchester & Preston).

Anyone interested should contact me (Neil Limbert) first.

Webserver Trios

After careful consideration it has been decided to amend the playing rules with cocerning Trios where the result is a Tie, Previously Joint winners in Class 1 and 2 have been promoted. From now that practice will cease and be replaced by the following:-

 Joint Winners, if a player is joint winner in 2 Trios in the same Class he will be promoted to the Class above. This also applies to Trio semi-finals. Players start at 0 following relegation if they have one draw and then get relegated that draw is cancelled out.

 Multiple Entries are now allowed only in Class 1.

 Entry rules – All players start in Class 1 unless their ICCF Rating is > 2000 in which case they will start in Class 2 or Class 3 if rated >2200

Click HERE to see the full playing rules


BCCA v Scheming Mind: Do you want to play?

I am organising a BCCA team to play a return Friendly Match against a team from Scheming Mind & all BCCA members are invited to play in the team.  Each player will play only two games against one opponent. Play will be on the webserver, standard time controls, and I am hoping to start in early April.

All rating strengths can hopefully be accommodated from 2400 all the way down. The last match (which still has one game ongoing – see: ) has been convincingly won by Scheming Mind so we are looking for revenge!

If you wish to play, please contact me within the next 10 days. I look forward to hearing from you. Please note that, if the numbers from both teams do not match, I may have to leave some players out or ask some players to double up. I will see how it goes.

Webserver Trios – Latest Results

Since the last BCCA Webserver Trios update 4 Class Two’s and 3 Class Three Trios have been decided.

Maurice Carter and Carlos Almarza Mato are joint winners of BCCA/C2/Tr78  which ended as a 3 way time 2/2 but Maurice and Carlos won on the tie break with 1 win apiece, both are promoted to Class 3 and receive 2 BCM Points.

Angus James and Lester Weiss are joint  winners  of BCCA/C2/Tr72 with a score of 3/4, both are promoted to Class 3 and receive 2 BCM Points apiece.

Phillip Tolhurst is the outright winner of BCCA/C2/Tr91 with a score of 3/4, Phillip receives 4 BCM Points bringing his total to 11 and is promoted to Class 3.

BCM Gregory Hughes has won BCCA/C2/Tr83 with a perfect score of 4/4 and is now playing in a Class 3 Trios Championship Qualifier, Well played Greg.

BCCA/C3/Tr60 ended with a draw between BCM Colin Cheek and BCM Phillip Beckett with a score of 2.5/4  and are awarded 1 BM point apiece.  Both will play again in the next Class 3 Championship Qualifier as an outright win is required to go through.

SIM Keith Kitson has won BCCA/C3/Tr62 with an excellent 3.5/4. Kieth has been awarded 3 BM points which brings his total to 20 and the BCCA Master Title . Keith is now playing in a Trios Championship Semi-Final where a cash prize is guaranteed to the winner.

BM David Coyne and CCE Praveen Rallabandi share the honours in BCCA/C3/Tr59 with scores of 2.5/4. This was a tight match and both will play again in new Championship Qualifiers for that elusive Trios Championship Semi-Final place.


Stan Cranmer Funeral

Stan Cranmer’s funeral will be held on February 9 at 1pm at the Mansfield Crematorium. Any BCCA member planning to attend are asked to contact the family first to let them know. Contact details available via Neil Limbert.

Book & DVD Sale

Ron Cooper’s chess library has very kindly been donated to the club by his widow  and is most appreciated. Books/DVD’s will be sold on a first come first served basis and the proceeds will go towards promoting the club and correspondence chess. Prices: £5.00 for one item; £8.00 for two items; £10.00 for three items. Postage & Packing to UK will be on top & will depend on the number/size of items ordered & your location. Please go to “BCCA Members” – “Book & DVD Sale” or click here: Book & DVD sale

Please email your requests to Neil Limbert