BCCA Championship 2017/8

The BCCA Championship Final for 2017/8 has now finished & the full crosstable and games can be seen here . Congratulations to Praveen Rallabandi who is the new BCCA Champion! Well played Praveen! He wins £200 & is awarded 12 BCCA Master points taking his total to 15. In 2nd place was Yosua Sitorus who earns £100 & 8 BCCA Master points taking his total to 14. In 3rd place is BCCA Master John Brasier who earns £50.

The Championship, Candidates & Reserves for the new season will be starting shortly.

Webserver Trios – Latest results

Class 3 Trio No.66 – ended in a three way tie . All three players have been awarded 1 BCCA BM point and will play again in Class 3, No Trios semi-final place could be awarded.

Class 2 Trio No.90 – Congratulations to Xiang, Jun, Tee on a close fought win, Xiang receives a further 4 BCM Points bring his total to 19 – just one more needed for the title. Xiang is now playing in Class 3 with a view to a Championship Semi-Final Place.

Class 2 Trio No.89 – was won by Edmund Foulds  with an impressive score of 3.5/4. Edmund has been awarded 4 BCM points taking his  total to 10.

Class 1 Trio No.174 – proved to be an easy win for new member William Davies who won with a perfect score of 4/4, William is awarded 2 BCM Points to start his campaign for the title.

Class 1 Trio No.176 – Congratulations to Jim Fox on winning the Trio with a perfect score of 4/4. Jim returns to Class 2 and is awarded 2 BCM Points taking his total to 9.

Tie for BCCA Postal Championship!

The 2017/18 BCCA Postal Championship Final has finished in a tie for the 1st place. The joint Champions are BCCA Masters Keith McLaughlin & Les Ellis – well played to both! They share the prize money & take home £30.00 each. The final crosstable & all the games can be viewed here

David Coyne †

It is my sad news to report the death of BCCA member David Coyne at the age of 73. David had been diagnosed with COPD in 2005 which recently turned to pneumonia. Our sympathies & condolences to his family & friends. RIP.

Webserver Trios – Latest Results

Class 2 Trio No.94 was won by BCM Frank McMahon with a score of 3/4 https://www.iccf.com/event?id=73245

Class 3 Trio No.54 – LIM Dawn Williamson and SIM Olli Ylonen share the honours and the BM Points with a score of 2.5/4 https://www.iccf.com/event?id=66660

Class 2 Trio No.95 – BCM Colin Beveridge claimed the win here with a perfect score of 4/4 – well played Colin and welcome back to Class 3 https://www.iccf.com/event?id=73727

Class 1 Trio No.166 –  Winner David Elwood  with a score of 3/4  and promotion to Class 2 with 2 BCM Points. https://www.iccf.com/event?id=68651

Class 1 Trio No.177 – Disrupted due to a silent withdrawal which was very unfair to the other two players. Ian McLeary has been awarded 1 BCM point. Both remaining players receive a free Trio entry. https://www.iccf.com/event?id=74460

Class 2 Trio No.93 – Lester Weiss arose victorious from the closely contested Trio with a score of 2.5/4 and 4 BCM Points. Lester now has the chance to play for a Trios Semi-Final place in Class 3  https://www.iccf.com/event?id=72923

Class 3 Trio No.63 – Joint winners are CCM Trevor Carr and SIM Olli Ylonen with a score of 3/4, both receive 1 BCCA Master point. Olli also receives a Trios Semi-Final Place by virtue of 2 joint Class 3 wins. https://www.iccf.com/event?id=71068

Class 2 Trio No.98 – Eoin Campbell claimed the honours with a score of 3/4 and returns to Class 3. https://www.iccf.com/event?id=75122





Eric P Nettles wins Postal Gold tournament

Eric P Nettles has won the BCCA 2017 Postal Gold tournament with a score of 6/8 – congratulations to Eric! The tournament was a very close-fought affair with no player going undefeated. The final crosstable can be seen here

EP Nettles wins a Gold Medal & is also awarded 4 BCCA Master points. Paul Terry came 2nd and is awarded 2 BCCA Master points.

Russell Sherwood wins Gold Medal tournament

The 2017 BCCA Webserver Gold Medal tournament has now finished & the final crosstable can be viewed here. A very close-fought event was won by Russell Sherwood (well played Russell!) narrowly on S-B tie-break from Olli Ylönen. Russell wins an engraved BCCA Gold Medal and is awarded 8 BCCA Master points (taking his total to 13).
Olli is awarded 4 BCCA Master points for finishing 2nd (taking his total Master points to 8).
Three players tied for 3rd place – BCCA Masters Brian Thompson & Mark Eldridge; also David Evans who is awarded 2 BCCA Master points (taking his total to 6).

Alex Relyea wins Silver Medal tournament

The 2017 Webserver Silver Medal tournament No.1 has now finished & the final crosstable can be viewed here. Congratulations to Alex Relyea for winning the event & the only player scoring three wins. Well played Alex! He will receive an engraved Silver Medal.
Angus James finished 2nd & is awarded 6 BCCA Candidate Master points (taking his total to 10).
Eugenio Spagnoli finished 3rd & is awarded 4 BCCA Candidate Master points (taking his total to 14).