Webserver Trios – Latest Results

Five Trios have been decided since the last update, we will start with Class 1.

Alastair Cowan who joined this year has won C1/Tr169 with an impressive score of 3.5 against Brian Cunningham and Jim Fox. Alastair has been promoted to Class 2 and receives is first 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points.

Ben Wood is the winner of C1/Tr167 with an excellent score of 3.5 against Peter Tibbert and Martin Hardwick. Ben receives 2 BCM Points bringing his total to 17 – just 3 more needed for the title. Ben returns to Class 2 where 4 BCM points are available for a win giving him the title.

Selina Kellett knocks up her second class 1 win scored in C1/Tr164 with an impressive 3.5 against Iris Pardoe and Dave Gosling. Selina is another new member this year and will be one to watch for the future. She receives 2 more BCM Points and is now playing for 4 more in Class 2

Jun Xiang Tee who joined this year claims another Class 1 win with a perfect score of 4/4 against Keith Dudeney and David Roberts in Tr168. Jun receives 2 more BCM Points bring his total to 7.  Jun is now chasing a Class 2 win.

Nigel Norman scores a perfect 4/4 in  Class 2 Trio No.82 against Malcolm Winter and Alex Tupper. Nigel moves to Class 3 where his next Trio will be a championship qualifier. This is Nigel’s second Class 2 win and he receives another 4 BCM Points bringing his total to 10.

The first ‘Trios Championship Semi Final’  BCCA/Semi/Tr1 has started involving Richard Akrill, Sitorus, Yosua and Russell Sherwood. An outright win is required to progress to a final where cash prizes are guaranteed for all players. On paper Richard is over matched but you never know.


John Toothill †

Very sadly, we have to report the death of BCCA Life member John Toothill. Our condolences go to friends & family.

John’s name may not be familiar to newer members but he was the BCCA Best Games Secretary from 1996 until the termination of the competition in 2013. But you have to go back to the 1970’s/80’s from his CC playing career. In 1972/3 he won a British Championship Reserves tournament & was a prize-winner in the BCCA Handicap. Already a Class 1 player, John won a British Championship Candidates in 1973/4 & advanced to the Final. He came 6th in 1974/5 & 2nd in 1975/6. But it is on the CC International scene that he is best known, as part of the Great Britain team that won the Gold Medal in the 9th CC Olympiad 1982-87; the first & only time that a British team has won this top CC team event. At the time, this was a fantastic achievement beating the all-conquering Soviet Union team into 3rd place (West Germany were 2nd). John was also a member of Great Britain team in the 1st European Team Championship Final (1978-81), and a member of the winning England team in the 1st North Atlantic Team tournament (1981-4). He was awarded the CC International Master Title in 1981.

John was a strong OTB player playing for Windemere Chess club for over 40 years winning the County Championship on several occasions. He also led Windemere to victory in the BCCL 1975/6.

There are three excellent annotated games of John’s in Tim Harding’s superb book Correspondence Chess in Britain & Ireland 1924-1987 and he also featured in Grigory Sanakoev’s book World Champion at the 3rd Attempt.



BCCA Teams in the Welsh Member Organisations Team Tournament

I would like to thank everyone who volunteered to play in this event. I could have filled the places two times over! The BCCA teams are:-

1 Thompson, B 210854 2413
2 Wilkinson, J 210332 2215
3 Burridge, R  (Capt) 620635 2132 BCCA Steinitz
4 Smith, A 810222 1950
5 Farmer, M 212638 1806
1 Sherwood, R (Capt) 810161 2364
2 Richardt, M 212207 2258
3 Jefferson, N 210845 2142 BCCA Lasker
4 Lindberg, W 510398 1993
5 Tibbert, P 210218 1771
1 Broadway, D 212469 2280
2 Sutton, A  (Capt) 210709 2200
3 Roynet, S 180435 2121 BCCA Keres
4 Hall, TR 211255 1975
5 Woodhouse, S 212334 1704
1 Owens, J 510548 2276
2 Scott, P  (Capt) 810233 2194
3 Cheek, C 212453 2153 BCCA Tal
4 Smyth, S 211569 1891
5 Pardoe, I 219063 1668

The tournament should get underway in the 2nd week of December. Hopefully, there will be 9 teams altogether.

If your name is not listed above (and you volunteered to play), then you will definitely be included in the BCCA teams to be entered into the Scottish Webserver Team Tournament. Those teams will be finalised in the next couple of weeks.

Seeking BCCA players for two Upcoming Team Tournaments!

We have two upcoming tournaments on the webserver & I have around 40 places available for BCCA members. Do you want to play?

1/ Welsh Member Organisations Team Tournament: BCCA are affiliated to the Welsh CC Federation & we will be submitting four or five teams into this event. There will be five players per team & each player will play (probably) 8 or 10 games per player. Each board will have rating bandings as follows:-

Board One: Open

Board Two: No higher than 2,300

Board Three: No higher than 2,150

Board Four: No higher than 2,000

Board Five: No higher than 1,850

This should ensure even well-matched chess. Games will start in December.

2/ Scottish CCA Webserver Team Tournament: Organised annually & starting in January. We have submitted five teams in past years & I look to do the same again. There are four boards per team. There were three Divsions last season & the crosstables can be seen here:-

All standards are catered for. Each player will probably play 6 games.


Entry is free to BCCA members for both of these tournaments! So why not make the most of your BCCA membership & enter one of them or both!

Please also bear in mind that BCCA Medal tournaments will be starting in February or March so I appreciate that playing an additional 6-10 games is a fair-sized commitment. So manage your game loads carefully.

Please contact me (Neil Limbert – see the latest BCCA magazine for my email address or contact me through this website) if you wish to play. I look forward to hearing from you! If you do wish to play, please specify which tournament you would like to enter, or simply state you are happy to play in either, or that you would like to play in both.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

All members are advised that our AGM will take place on Saturday November 4th, 2pm, at the offices of Pett, Franklin & Co. LLP, Victoria House, 116 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 3BD.  We will discuss the year gone by & plan for the year ahead. If you would like your say in how the BCCA is run, you would be welcome to attend. If you can’t go but would would still like to see a particular subject raised, please contact the General Secretary Neil Limbert.

Webserver Trios – September Update

We start with Class 1 Trio No.151 which was won by Brian Robinson and Andrew Ellis jointly with 3 points apiece. The third player was Paul Theedom-Bridgeman. Brian and Andrew receive 1 BCM Point each and are promoted to Class 2

Then comes Class 1 Trio No.160 where Ju Te Xiang was the winner with an excellent score of 3.5/4 against Chris Kent and Raymond Cox. Ju receives 2 more BCM Points and has already qualified for Class 2.

Next we have Class 1 Trio No.162 which was a close fought battle between 2 new members, Lea Hudson and Peter Dearnley. Lea prevailed with an excellent score of 3.5 points, Peter finished with a very respectable 2.5 points and almost made it 3 points apiece. The third player was Alan Terry. Lea is promoted to Class 2 and receives 2 BCM Points

After that we have Class 1 Trio 159 which was a very tight contest between Iris Pardoe, Brian Cunningham and Keith Dudeney. In the end Iris prevailed with a score of 2.5 points and moves back to Class 2 with 2 BCM Points

Now we are on to Class 2 Trio No.84 where Richard Akrill won with a score of 3 points against Michael Farmer and Stephen Woodhouse. Richard receives 4 BCM points and is promoted to Class 3 and the possibility of qualifying for a Webserver Trios Championship Semi-Final.

And finally we have Class 3 Trio No.39 where Trevor Carr prevailed in a very tight match with Dr. Mark Wilson and Edmund Foulds. Trevor received 3 BM Points. Both he and Mark will be playing in Championship Qualifiers next time round. Edmund returns to Class 2 for his next Trio.

BCCA teams win the BCCL & the Welsh Member Organisations Tournament

BCCA teams have triumphed in the last couple of days!

BCCL (British CC League): the BCCA Giants team (8 players with each player playing two games) have won the BCCL Championship. The crosstable can be seen here: https://www.iccf.com/event?id=63471 Although there are 2 games still awaiting adjudication decisions, the Giants cannot be caught. The full team was Captain Neil Jefferson, Olli Ylönen, Brian Thompson, Yosua Sitorus, Graham Pattrick, Allan Gardner, Johnny Owens, Andrew Ellis.

Welsh Member Organisations Team Tournament II: the BCCA Wildcats have won this event (5 players with each player playing 6 games) which came down to the very last game. The full crosstable can be seen here: https://www.iccf.com/event?id=56581  Congratulations to the team who comprised Captain Russell Sherwood, Mark Eldridge, Brian Thompson, Les Ellis, Keith Kitson.

Handicap Tournament 2016-7

The 2016-7 Handicap Tournament finished in a tie for 1st place between Paul Terry & Russell Sherwood. Paul earns 5 CM points & they share the prize money for 1st/2nd place. In 3rd place was Raymond Burridge.

The Handicap tournament is now free to enter so any member can enter at any time.  Pairings are by post or e-mail.