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All BCCA Tournaments

British Championship 2010-11

The premier event of the British Correspondence Chess season starts on the 5th October 2010 with an adjudication date of August 12th 2011. Players are able to make an early start on their games as tournament pairings are now published on the ICCF web-server where the games are to be played.  Austin Lockwood and Julian Corfield, the current British Champions, are defending their titles in a 15 player Championship section, 11 players contest the Candidates section whilst a further 10 players compete in the Reserves section.

Links to the tournament tables

The four titled players taking part are all competing in the Championship section,

  • Senior International Master Ian M. Pheby
  • Senior International MasterJohn Anderson
  • International Master Julian Corfield
  • International Master Bill Lumley

Recent History

The 2009-10 British Championship was shared by Austin Lockwood and IM Julian Corfield with 10/14, the performance of Lockwood was exceptional with no losses sustained whilst Corfield recorded one loss with a French Defence played against Jo Wharrier.

The 2008-09 British Championship was played ‘In Memoriam’ of BCCA stalwart John Allain who was an official of the BCCA (British Correspondence Chess Association) for almost 40 years. He simultaneously occupied the key positions of President and General Secretary of the Association and is recognised as one of the most important figures in the 104 year history of the BCCA. His contribution to Correspondence Chess was enormous.  This tournament was won outright by Robert J. Wakefield followed closely by Dr. Gordon R. Evans and Harvey D. Williamson.

The 2007-08 British Championship was shared by three players, Oliver Lightowlers,  Freddy Bush and Sidney Shaw, the first 7 players were within 1/2 a point of each other.  The 2006-07 British Championship was the first to be played on the ICCF  web-server and was a shared affair with Bill Lumley and Harvey D. Williamson sharing the Championship narrowly from Keith Kitson and Oliver Lightowlers who were just 1/2pt behind.

BCCA Win British Team Championship

The BCCA have won the British Correspondence Chess Team Championship, our winning team of 8 players scored 13/14 with 2 results to come from the games versus Squarebashers.  The championship winning BCCA team comprised,

  1. JD Rhodes
  2. KJ Bowyer
  3. C Peckham
  4. KW McLaughlin
  5. SJ Grayland
  6. LT Ellis
  7. A Sutton
  8. EV Foulds

The tournament crosstable can be found here whilst the individual results can be found here

Congratulations to the BCCA team on their outstanding success.

Bernard Armitage Memorial Tournament

Knock-Out Tourney A has been won by Graham Pattrick- congratulations to Graham.
In Knock-Out tourney B, the final has just begun between David Elwood and Jean-Paul de Baene.The all-play-all final is well underway and Les Ellis has taken a commanding lead on 5/6 but there are still 16 games remaining.

John Allain Memorial Tournaments

There have been 63 entries for these tournaments with many players wanting to play in multiple tournaments. I thank everyone for their entries. Tournament A (domestic all-play-all) has 35 players divided into six groups. Tournament B is a six-player all-play-all. Tournament C has been divided into two KO tournaments of eight players in each.