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BCCA Trio Championship Semi Final No.6

Semi Final No. 6 has just started featuring:

1. 212704 ENG SIM Rallabandi, Praveen Kumar (2476)
2. 212175 ENG CCM Maguire, Gary (2369)
3. 212314 ENG LGM Williamson, Dawn L. (2388)

This will be one to watch with such a very strong field. Can they avoid the 3 way tie? It will be a real challenge and should produce some unique lines.

Good luck to all three players, if there is an outright winner they are guaranteed a cash prize in the next Trios Championship Final

Membership Renewal 2019/20

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL NOW OPEN! Go “HERE to renew your membership & then proceed to the Payment Page.

Big changes this year so please read carefully. The main changes are:

  • Membership cost reduced to £10 for UK members (£20 for non-UK members).
  • An increase in the number of FREE tournaments. Webserver Trio’s are now free to enter! Also free are the Gambit/Counter-Gambit tournaments, Endgame Tournament, Handicap tournament.
  • A new tournament – the John Rogers Memorial will start in December (played on the webserver) and is also free to enter. John Rogers was Editor of the BCCA magazine for several years & also the author of two books on the History of BCCA. In addition, he was an Executive Committee member helping run BCCA for many years. We encourage all BCCA members to enter this tournament! Each player will play eight games with pairings based on the Italian system. Effectively there will be two tournaments: one for players rated under 2000, and one for players rated 2000 and over. The random nature of the pairings when using this system can cause unexpected results! Please enter.

Please support the BCCA by entering as many tournaments as possible. We look forward to your renewal!

Webserver Trios – Latest results

Class 3 Trio No.49 – Winner Olli Ylonen with a score of 3.5/4. Olli has been awarded 3 BM Points bringing his total to 12.
Class 1 Trio No.181 – Winner John Dunn with a score of 4/4. John receives 2 BCM bringing his total to 12
Class 2 Trio No.100 – Winner Alastair Cowan with a score of 3.5/4, Alastair has been awarded 4 BCM points taking his total to 6
Class 3 Trio No.68 – Winner BCM Ju Xiang Te with a score of 2.5/4, Ju receives 3 BM Points.
Class 2 Trio No.97 – Winner Nigel Norman with a score of 3.5/4 and receives 4 BCM points bringing his total to 14
Class 3 Trio No.69 resulted in a three way draw so all players receive 1 BM Point each.
Class 2 Trio No.92 – Winner Carlos Almarza-Mato with a score of 3/4, Carlos is awarded 4 BCM Points bring his total to 8
Class 1 Trio No.178 – Joint winners, BCM Raymond Cox and Selina Kellett, Selina is awarded 1 BCM Point bringing her total to 7

Webserver Trios – Latest Results

Class 3 Trio No.64 has ended as a three-way draw between Colin Cheek, David Grobler and Phillip Tolhurst, all are awarded 1 BCCA Master Point and remain in Class 3

Class 3 Trio No 67 has been won by Helen Sherwood in a very tight match with James Wilkinson and William Lindberg  with a score of 2.5/4. Helen has been entered for the next Trios Semi-Final with the opportunity to play for cash prizes in a Trios Final. Helen is also awarded 3 BCCA Master Points to start off her campaign.

Class 3 Trio No.65 winner is Antony Copsey with an impressive score of 3/4 against Greg Hughes and Phil Beckett  Antony has also been entered for the next Trios Semi-Final and awarded 3 BCCA Master Points

Class 1 Trio No.180 has been won by new member Ian Whittaker with a perfect score of 4/4. Ian has been promoted to Class 2 and awarded his first BCCA Candidate Master Points – well played Ian



Webserver Trios – Latest results

Class 3 Trio No.66 – ended in a three way tie . All three players have been awarded 1 BCCA BM point and will play again in Class 3, No Trios semi-final place could be awarded.

Class 2 Trio No.90 – Congratulations to Xiang, Jun, Tee on a close fought win, Xiang receives a further 4 BCM Points bring his total to 19 – just one more needed for the title. Xiang is now playing in Class 3 with a view to a Championship Semi-Final Place.

Class 2 Trio No.89 – was won by Edmund Foulds  with an impressive score of 3.5/4. Edmund has been awarded 4 BCM points taking his  total to 10.

Class 1 Trio No.174 – proved to be an easy win for new member William Davies who won with a perfect score of 4/4, William is awarded 2 BCM Points to start his campaign for the title.

Class 1 Trio No.176 – Congratulations to Jim Fox on winning the Trio with a perfect score of 4/4. Jim returns to Class 2 and is awarded 2 BCM Points taking his total to 9.

Webserver Trios

After careful consideration it has been decided to amend the playing rules concerning Trios where the result is a Tie. Previously Joint winners in Class 1 and 2 have been promoted. From now that practice will cease and be replaced by the following:-

 Joint Winners, if a player is joint winner in 2 Trios in the same Class he will be promoted to the Class above. This also applies to Trio semi-finals. Players start at 0 following relegation if they have one draw and then get relegated that draw is cancelled out.

 Multiple Entries are now allowed only in Class 1.

 Entry rules – All players start in Class 1 unless their ICCF Rating is > 2000 in which case they will start in Class 2 or Class 3 if rated >2200

Click HERE to see the full playing rules


Webserver Trios – Latest Results

Five Trios have been decided since the last update, we will start with Class 1.

Alastair Cowan who joined this year has won C1/Tr169 with an impressive score of 3.5 against Brian Cunningham and Jim Fox. Alastair has been promoted to Class 2 and receives is first 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points.

Ben Wood is the winner of C1/Tr167 with an excellent score of 3.5 against Peter Tibbert and Martin Hardwick. Ben receives 2 BCM Points bringing his total to 17 – just 3 more needed for the title. Ben returns to Class 2 where 4 BCM points are available for a win giving him the title.

Selina Kellett knocks up her second class 1 win scored in C1/Tr164 with an impressive 3.5 against Iris Pardoe and Dave Gosling. Selina is another new member this year and will be one to watch for the future. She receives 2 more BCM Points and is now playing for 4 more in Class 2

Jun Xiang Tee who joined this year claims another Class 1 win with a perfect score of 4/4 against Keith Dudeney and David Roberts in Tr168. Jun receives 2 more BCM Points bring his total to 7.  Jun is now chasing a Class 2 win.

Nigel Norman scores a perfect 4/4 in  Class 2 Trio No.82 against Malcolm Winter and Alex Tupper. Nigel moves to Class 3 where his next Trio will be a championship qualifier. This is Nigel’s second Class 2 win and he receives another 4 BCM Points bringing his total to 10.

The first ‘Trios Championship Semi Final’  BCCA/Semi/Tr1 has started involving Richard Akrill, Sitorus, Yosua and Russell Sherwood. An outright win is required to progress to a final where cash prizes are guaranteed for all players. On paper Richard is over matched but you never know.


Annual General Meeting (AGM)

All members are advised that our AGM will take place on Saturday November 4th, 2pm, at the offices of Pett, Franklin & Co. LLP, Victoria House, 116 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 3BD.  We will discuss the year gone by & plan for the year ahead. If you would like your say in how the BCCA is run, you would be welcome to attend. If you can’t go but would would still like to see a particular subject raised, please contact the General Secretary Neil Limbert.