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Information and general items concerning BCCA

BCCA Team Matches Update

Barry Hampton (BCCA Match Captain) has prepared his latest report on the performance of our various teams – please see the Team Page for full details. Any member wanting to take part should indicate on his Membership Renewal Form or contact Barry directly.

Correspondence Chess CC184

The latest issue of the BCCA magazine “Correspondence Chess” is being posted out to members and subscribers over the next few days. The highlight of the issue is a superb article from Panu Laine on the CC World Champion, Lehikoinen from Finland. There are also articles from Richard Dixon, Stan Cranmer and Neil Limbert together with “Find the Continuation” by Ian Watson and “Endgames” from Hamilton McMillan.

BCCA Results & Match updates are also included. Additional issues are available for sale at £3.00 each (UK) or £4.00 overseas; contact the Editor Neil Limbert via this website.

From a BCCA members perspective, the most important aspect is the enclosed Membership Renewal Form. Please renew as soon as possible & return your forms to Membership Secretary Stan Grayland”

Best Wishes


From June 1st, members can begin to renew their membership for next season and start to book their tournaments.

Your membership renewal form will be sent out with the latest magazine in the next 2 or 3 weeks but, for the first time, members now have the option to renew online, select their tournaments for next season, and pay online.

Go to Membership Renewal and complete all required details on completion you will be taken to the payment page where you can add your tournament selections and complete your purchase – couldn’t be easier.

Some things to note for next season:-

* The BCCA Championship now entirely webserver! There was a large increase in entries last season because of this coming change so the tournament this season promises to be even better – don’t miss out!

* Some BCCA tournaments cannot be switched to webserver because of their unique nature – the Endgame Tournament and the Gambit & Counter-Gambit tournaments. However, for the first time, you can now enter these & select an E-mail only section! This is fantastic news for players giving you the opportunity to play in these special tournaments without having to play by expensive post. So, if you haven’t tried these before, give them a go!

* Do you realise you can play in the BCCA Handicap tournament & ask for E-mail only pairings? Yes, you can! You can wait for the Renewal form to specify or you can use the link to e-mail the Handicap Controller on the Payment Page.

* You can also order your BCCA Stationery online as a separate transaction unfortunately for technical reasons it cannot be combined with your renewal payment. BCCA Stationary Order .

* Would you like to play for BCCA in Team Matches? It’s free! And you can select E-mail or Webserver only options if you wish. All on the Membership Renewal page.

If you have any questions, use the “Contact Us” facility.

Don’t delay – renew today!”

Special Offer BCCA History Book

“128 pages of history and games giving a full account of the first hundred years of the BCCA. Highly recommended for those seeking a deeper insight into the traditions and events of the world’s oldest continuous correspondence chess organisation. Original cover price £10.00; now on Special Offer at just £6.00 including posting & packing! (For UK buyers only; overseas buyers will be given price upon request).” Click here for more details

Games Archive Download Facilites

Neil Limbert and I have been working to develop a download facility for completed BCCA tournaments, a number of members have asked about this and we are pleased to announce that we can now make them available in PGN & Chessbase (Archive) formats. the idea is to make them available as separate databases once a quarter and then combine them in to one archive database at the end of each year.

The first two are the ‘Armitage Memorial Tournament’ which consists of 94 games, many of which have been annotated, played between 2008 & 2010
Chessbase FormatPGN Format

We hope this new facility we prove interesting and useful. It is always good to get a feel for a new opponents style of play and as the database develops it should be a good reference source in the future.

BCCA History 1906 – 2011

Many thanks to Neil Limbert (BCCA magazine Editor) who has produced a brief history of BCCA for the website which is now available to view on the ‘About Us‘ page and via this link It makes an excellent read and provides useful background to the club – especially for new members.