BCCA Ratings

BCCA Ratings

Due to ICCF Tournament rules, it is difficult for all BCCA tournaments to benefit from having games played rated by the ICCF.

We have been working to provide maximum ratings coverage for our games.   We have settled on a combination of maximising the games benefiting from ICCF ratings and establishing our own BCCA rating system.

This means all BCCA games played from the start of our season from 1st September 2021 will be BCCA rated.    We expect the first BCCA rating list to be published by the early part of May 2022.

Ratings will be calculated using the formula:

R1 = R0 +k(W-We)

Where R1 is the new grade, R0 is the present grade , k is 20 or 40, W is the player’s total score for results, We is the expected total score based on the FIDE table 8.1b at https://handbook.fide.com/chapter/B022017

The table below summarises our expectations for rating events for the 2022/23 season, subject to confirmation at the time the event starts.

EventICCF RatingBCCA Rating
William Mason - all eventsYesYes
Medal EventsTBCYes
Champions LeagueYesYes
Friendly MatchesTBCTBC