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BCCA General Secretary, Editor of "Correspondence Chess" : BCCA & ICCF Tournament Director; ICCF International Arbiter (IA) : ICCF Qualifications Commissioner for 4 years from 2009-13.

Membership Renewal 2011-12

145 members have already renewed for next season(as at 7/8/2011) with a healthy interest being shown in the BCCA Championship, Candidates & Reserves (57 entries so far) and the new Webserver Trios (32 entries so far). If you haven’t already renewed your Membership, please do so as soon as possible – some pairings have already been issued in the Handicap tournament and several Trio webserver tournaments have started. Don’t delay – renew today!
Other tournament entries so far:- Handicap 31, SOT 10, Endgame 9, Players 9, E-mail 8.

New British Webserver Team Tournament

The BFCC are launching a new British Webserver Team Championship for 4-man teams. This will effectively be a mini-version of the very successful ICCF Champions League. Each player will probably play 6 games (three white, three black) although this is flexible.
Any group of 4 friends can get together to enter a team but the BCCA will make it easy for you and we will put together as many teams as possible from people interested in playing. The normal Entry Fee is £20 per team (£5 per player) but the BCCA will cover half the
cost if the teams enter under the BCCA banner so it will only cost £2.50 per player – a bargain!
I am hoping to swamp this new competition with BCCA teams – as many as possible!
For full details see:-
If you wish to play, please send a cheque for £2.50 (payable to “BCCA”) to Neil Limbert (address inside the front coverof the magazine)
or pay online directly to BCCA’s new PayPal account. Please use the button below and quote your BCCA membership number in the ‘Special Instructions’ field.

New BCCA Medal Tourneys

(Updated 26/01/11***) *** Urgently need “Gold” players – 2 webserver & 2 postal; “Silver” players – 2 webserver, “Bronze Players – 1 Postal! I have received 43 entries so far. However, I need more! If you have not already submitted your entry form, please consider doing so – beautiful new and shiny medals await the winners!  GOLD – 12 webserver entries received – I need 2 more for 2 tournaments to be set up.    3 Postal entries received – I need 2 more for 1 tournament. SILVER – 5 webserver entries received – I need 2 more players.    5 postal entries received which is enough for 1 tournament.  BRONZE – 9 webserver entries received – 2 more players can fit into 1 tournament or 5 more can provide 2 tournaments.    9 postal entries received – I need 1 more player for 2 tournaments.

So, I have lots more room! If enough entries are not received, some tournaments may not take place which would be a shame. Please enter! New members welcome! Last date of entry, February 10, 2011. Please contact Neil Limbert if you require further information.

Bernard Armitage Memorial Tournament

Knock-Out Tourney A has been won by Graham Pattrick- congratulations to Graham.
In Knock-Out tourney B, the final has just begun between David Elwood and Jean-Paul de Baene.The all-play-all final is well underway and Les Ellis has taken a commanding lead on 5/6 but there are still 16 games remaining.

John Allain Memorial Tournaments

There have been 63 entries for these tournaments with many players wanting to play in multiple tournaments. I thank everyone for their entries. Tournament A (domestic all-play-all) has 35 players divided into six groups. Tournament B is a six-player all-play-all. Tournament C has been divided into two KO tournaments of eight players in each.