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BCCA General Secretary, Editor of "Correspondence Chess" : BCCA & ICCF Tournament Director; ICCF International Arbiter (IA) : ICCF Qualifications Commissioner for 4 years from 2009-13.

BCCA wins close match

BCCA have won a very close webserver match against our friends in the Social CCA. The final score was 17-13 in our favour. A big thank you to all of our players who took part in this match! The final crosstable and all the games can be viewed here

John Rogers Memorial Tournaments – List of Entrants

BCCA will be organising two internal BCCA tournaments (one for players rated 2000 and over; one for players rated under 2000) in memory of John Rogers. These tournaments will start next month with pairings based on the Italian Silli system. Each player will play 8 games.

It is a long time since some members completed their BCCA Renewal form or Application form so you may have forgotten whether you have entered or not!

If your name is on this list & you still wish to play then you do not need to take any action as you will automatically be included.

If your name is on this list but you no longer wish to play, please let Neil Limbert know within the next 7 days.

If your name is not on this list but you do wish to play, it is not too late! Please contact Neil Limbert within 7 days.

Below is the list.

Almarza-Mato, C
Beckett P.
Beveridge C
Bradney R.
Bruce R
Burridge R.J.
Carey G
Carter M H
Chambers D.
Cheek CJ
Cole S
Cunningham, B
Dudeney K
Dunn J.
Ellis L.T.
Gosling D.C.
Hardwick M.E.
Herbert G.M.
Hudson, L
Jefferson N.W.
Jesus Sanchez Carol
Kiddell T.C.
Knox, A
Munro P.R.
Palmer V.G.
Reed A
Relyea, A
Richardson, D
Roberts, AA
Rozanski R
Smyth S.A.
Sutton A.
Tanner A
Thompson B.
Tolhurst P.J.
Tymms J.D.M.
Whittaker I.P.
Williamson DL
Winter, M
Wood B.A.
Woodhouse S


New BCCA Candidate Master – Mark Wilson

Dr. Mark Wilson is the latest recipient of the BCCA Candidate Master Title after accumulating the necessary 20 CM points. Congratulations to Mark! The points were scored in Trios (Class 1 and 2), BCCA Reserves & BCCA Candidates.

The full list of BCCA Title holders can be seen here

The list of Title Points awarded for players who have not yet accumulated 20 points can be seen here

New BCCA Candidate Master – Paul Terry

Paul Terry is the latest BCCA member to be awarded the BCCA Candidate Master Title after accumulating the necessary 20 Candidate Master points – well played Paul!

Paul accumulated his points entirely through postal tournaments (Handicap & Medal tournaments).

The full list of BCCA Title holders can be found here

The full list of Title points awarded for players who have not yet earned the Title can be found here

Handicap Tournament 2018-19

The first three places in the 2018-19 BCCA Handicap tournament are as follows:-

1st: Peter Phillips       (awarded 6 BCCA Candidate Master points)

2nd: Sylvie Roynet    (awarded 4 BCCA Candidate Master points)

3rd: Paul Terry    (awarded 2 BCCA Candidate Master points)

A big thank you to Phill Beckett for taking over control of this tournament halfway through the season.

BCCA Champion – Praveen Rallabandi!

For the 2nd season in succession, Praveen Rallabandi is the BCCA Champion! He won a very close fought BCCA Championship Final – for the crosstable & games see here

The prizes & awards are as follows:
£200 & 12 BCCA Master points – Praveen Rallabandi (he has now passed the 20 point barrier & is awarded the BCCA Master Title)
£100 to Ian Pheby (already a BCCA Master)
£50 & 4 BCCA Master points to Angus James

The prize-winners for the Candidates & Reserves are as follows:-

Candidates winners (£20 each):-
Alex Relyea
MR Wilson
Alan Rawlings
Alex Sherwood
Keith Franks
Keith Kitson
Reserves Winners (£15 each):-
Tim Kiddell
Phill Beckett
Ian Whittaker
Raymond Burridge


If you haven’t already entered, please consider entering for next season. This is our premier tournament & excellent prizes are available!


Les Ellis wins Postal Championship

Les Ellis has won the 2018-9 BCCA Postal Championship with a score of 7.5/10. Congratulations to Les! The margin over 2nd-placed player ( Keith McLaughlin) was very narrow – Keith scored the same points but was beaten on S-B tie-break. The crosstable & games can be seen here

Entries are still being taken for the 2019-20 Championship, if you wish to enter.

Raising BCCA teams for the ICCF Champions League

We are assembling BCCA teams to enter the next season of the ICCF Champions League. So, if you are rated around 2250 or over, you can be considered for one of the teams.

BCCA will pay all entry fees so this is an excellent way to get value for your membership.

The ICCF announcement is here:  so you can probably expect to play 12 games.

Champions League play is usually quite tough. Players will be organised into teams of 4 players and most players will play in Level C. Last time around, the strength of play in Level C ranged from Category 3 on top board to Minor Categories on lower boards.

So, if you fit the rating criteria, do you wish to be considered to play? Because teams consist of 4 players, I cannot guarantee anyone a place at this time. If I get an odd number of players then some people may miss out. But most will get to play. BCCA entered 6 teams (24 players) last season.

Obviously, all players must maintain their BCCA membership for the duration of the tournament.

If you wish to play, please let me know within the next 10 days. Thank you.

Neil Limbert

BCCA Magazine posted out to all members

The latest issue of the BCCA magazine (CC203) has now been posted out to all members. You should receive your copy through the post in the next few days.

As well as including your Membership Renewal form, it contains annotated games from BCCA members and two grandmasters!