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AGM Agenda

The agenda for the BCCA AGM is below:


Agenda for the Annual General Meeting to be held at 3.0 p.m. on 2nd October 2021 by Zoom


  1. Apologies for Absence


  1. Proxy Votes


  1. Minutes of Last Meeting


  1. Matters Arising


  1. General Secretary’s Report


  1. Membership Secretary’s Report


  1. Treasurers Report


  1. Ratification of Fees/Prizes


  1. Webmaster’s Report


  1. Other Reports


  1. Rating of BCCA Events


  1. Election of Officers



General Secretary




Membership Secretary


  1. Any Other Business


Stephen V Woodhouse

General Secretary

26th September 2021

BCCA Ratings

BCCA Ratings

Due to changes made to ICCF Tournament rules the only way to ensure that ALL BCCA members may play in our tournaments which are played on the ICCF Webserver is to make these games ICCF unrated .

We are therefore setting up a BCCA rating system.  This means all BCCA games  played from the start of our season from the first  of September 2021 will be BCCA rated..

R1 = R0 +k(W-We)

Where R1 is the new grade, R0 is the present grade , k is 20 or 40, W is the player’s total score for results , We is the expected total score based on the FIDE table 8.1b at

Handicap Tournament

Over several years the number of players wishing to play Postal pairings has declined.  As a consequence it has become virtually impossible for a postal player to meet the minimum result criteria to be included in the final table.

After much discussion it has been decided that the Handicap will  move to the webserver for the start of the new season. We have trialled some webserver pairings this season and they have proved successful.