Why Play Correspondence Chess


1. Freedom to play chess as and when it suits you.
2. Practically unlimited thinking time.
3. CC is played in your own home.
4. CC offers a good route back to competitive chess.
5. No matter where you live, opposition is always available.
6. No “distractions” as there often are with over-the-board (OTB) chess.
7. OTB chess can be highly stressful, but CC certainly is not. In fact it is relaxing & therapeutic!
8. One’s ego is less at stake – this is good for people not psychologically suited to OTB chess.
9. CC can improve your level of chess understanding.
10. One can achieve a CC rating well above your OTB level.
11. Progress in CC can feedback into improved OTB performance.
12. Access to books, databases and computer analysis.
13. Precise assessment of endgame positions is possible.
14. A clear promotion track all the way to British or even World Champion!
15. Inexpensive: with the arrival of webserver CC, the postal costs of bygone years no longer apply.
16. Easy to play: with the arrival of webserver CC; moves, games, tournaments & whole careers are conducted on the internet.
17. You can play multiple games at any one time. The average CC player has between 15 – 50 games ongoing.
18. Social aspects: long-term friends are often made in the world of CC.