Patterson & Rodford Memorial Tournaments

The Tom Paterson Memorial & the Donald Rodford Memorial will start in December 2014. Entry is  restricted to renewing members only.

* Both tournaments are webserver only, and both are free to enter.

* The Tom Paterson Memorial will be for players under 2000 (maximum rating 1999).

* The Donald Rodford Memorial will be for players rated 2000 & over.

* Both tournaments will be arranged under the Italian pairing system – each player will play 8 games (4 white, 4 black) against 8 different opponents irrespective of the number of entries. This ensures the tournaments are over in one round & offers something different to standard BCCA events.

* Prize money for both events will be £80 for 1st, £60 for 2nd, £40 for 3rd, £20 for 4th & £10 for 5th.

* In addition, the winner of the Paterson Memorial will be awarded the Millard Silver King, suitably engraved, to keep forever. The winner of the Rodford Memorial will receive the Regency Chess Set kindly donated by the The Regency Chess Company

MIllards Silver King-1
Millards Silver King
Regency ‘Sicilian’ Chess Set










We hope that as many players as possible will enter these Memorial events in memory of Tom and Donald – both great servants of BCCA. The December start date is intended not to conflict with the BCCA Championship in September and the Medal Tournaments in March 2015.