Webserver Trio’s Update – April 14

It is a been a busy month with 7 Trios being decided:-

Stephen Woodhouse has won his second Class 1 Trio with a score of 3/4 – well-played, Steven is already playing in Class 2 as a result of winning Class 1 Trio No.73, he is however awarded a further 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points.

Raymond Burridge is the winner of Class 1 Trio No.63 and is awarded another 2 BCM points – The title must be getting close now!

Phil Beckett and Ron Cooper share the honours and the BCM Points in Class 2 Trio No.26 – well-played gentlemen.

New member Richard Harris has won his first Class 1 Trio No.80 with a perfect score of 4/4 and has promoted to Class 2 and awarded 2 BCM Points.

Julian May and Raymond Burridge are joint winners of Class 2 Trio No.29 with scores of 3/4 and 2 wins apiece. They have been awarded 2 BCM Points each and will now play in Class 3 .

Congratulations to Dawn Williamson who has won Class 2 Trio No.23 with a perfect score of 4/4 – very well-played. Dawn is now eligible  to play in Class 3 and is awarded 4 BCM points.

New member Andreas Katris and Raymond Burridge are joint winners of Class 1 Trio No.81 with 3 points and 2 wins apiece sharing the 2 BCM Points – well-played.  Andreas is now eligible for a Class 2 Trio. Raymond has recently won a Class 2 and been promoted to Class 3.