Membership Renewal 2013-14


From June 1st, members can begin to renew their membership for next season and start to book their tournaments.

Your membership renewal form will be sent out with the latest magazine in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

You can renew online but members are recommended to wait to see their Renewal Form so they can see the full selection of tournaments available. But if you know exactly what you want, members have the option to renew online straight away, select their tournaments for next season, and pay online.

Go to Membership Renewal and complete all required details. Then go to the payment page where you can add your tournament selections and complete your purchase – couldn’t be easier.

Some things to note for next season:-

* The BCCA Championship, Candidates & Reserves goes from strength to strength! Another increase in the number of entries last season. Please enter!

* Webserver Trio’s are very popular – only 4 games per tournament!

* The BCCL is now splitting up & there will be a new Webserver League(s). Please join a BCCA team!

* Some BCCA tournaments cannot be switched to webserver because of their unique nature – the Endgame Tournament and the Gambit & Counter-Gambit tournaments. However you can now enter these & select an E-mail only section! This is fantastic news for players giving you the opportunity to play in these special tournaments without having to play by expensive post. So, if you haven’t tried these before, give them a go!

* Do you realise you can play in the BCCA Handicap tournament & ask for E-mail only pairings? Yes, you can! You can wait for the Renewal form to specify or you can use the link to e-mail the Handicap Controller on the Payment Page.

* You can also order your BCCA Stationery online as a separate transaction unfortunately for technical reasons it cannot be combined with your renewal payment. Go to

* Would you like to play for BCCA in Team Matches? It’s free! And you can select E-mail or Webserver only options if you wish. All on the Membership Renewal page.

* And please don’t forget the Postal tournaments! Even if you main interest is now to play by webserver, there is still some good chess to be had by post.

If you have any questions, use the Contact Us facility.