Celebrating BCCL Success

The BCCA teams organised by Stan Grayland in the British Correspondence Chess League achieved remarkable levels of success and should be congratulated.


Pride of place rests with the BCCA Lions team, captained by Philip Tolhurst, who won the Championship with 9.5/16, beating CS Administrators into second place by a mere half point.

The team performed consistently well and recognition should be given to all the players:

  1. Gary Maguire
  2. William Houpt
  3. Ian Mason
  4. Antony Copsey
  5. Philip Tolhurst
  6. Steven Lund
  7. John Lockett
  8. Raymond Burridge

Division 1

While the Lions were overall champions, the BCCA Giants, captained by Neil Jefferson, took Division 1 by storm winning the division with 14 points, all of 4.5 points ahead of their nearest rivals, CS Bureaucrats who finished on 9.5.

There was a string of impressive results from the following team members:

  1. Mike Richardt
  2. Keith Kitson
  3. Anthony Roberts
  4. Neil Jefferson
  5. Matthew Bailey
  6. David Elwood
  7. Michael Farmer
  8. Vincent Palmer

More Details

The cross table for the Championship can be found here: BCCL Championship with the Division 1 results here: Division 1