Fees and Prizes 2021/22

Following a meeting of the Executive Committee, it has been decided to freeze membership and other fees for 2021/22 while maintaining prizes.   This means that the Fees and Prizes for the year will be as summarised below:


Charge / Event Current Fee £ Prizes


Adult  £10

Overseas £20

Junior  Free

Mason Champs £5 £200, £100, £50
Mason Candidates £5 £20
Mason Reserves £5 £15
Postal Champs £3 £40,£20 Top Section only
Medal Webserver £3 Medal
Medal Post £2 Medal
Gambit/Counter Gambit Nil Nil
W/s Trios Nil Nil
Handicap Nil Nil
Endgame Nil Nil
BCCL W.S £12 per team £24 for top section free entry for lower ones.
BCCL Post £8 per team £24 for winning team
Adjudication fee £5
Appeal Fee £10