John Rogers Memorial Tournaments – List of Entrants

BCCA will be organising two internal BCCA tournaments (one for players rated 2000 and over; one for players rated under 2000) in memory of John Rogers. These tournaments will start next month with pairings based on the Italian Silli system. Each player will play 8 games.

It is a long time since some members completed their BCCA Renewal form or Application form so you may have forgotten whether you have entered or not!

If your name is on this list & you still wish to play then you do not need to take any action as you will automatically be included.

If your name is on this list but you no longer wish to play, please let Neil Limbert know within the next 7 days.

If your name is not on this list but you do wish to play, it is not too late! Please contact Neil Limbert within 7 days.

Below is the list.

Almarza-Mato, C
Beckett P.
Beveridge C
Bradney R.
Bruce R
Burridge R.J.
Carey G
Carter M H
Chambers D.
Cheek CJ
Cole S
Cunningham, B
Dudeney K
Dunn J.
Ellis L.T.
Gosling D.C.
Hardwick M.E.
Herbert G.M.
Hudson, L
Jefferson N.W.
Jesus Sanchez Carol
Kiddell T.C.
Knox, A
Munro P.R.
Palmer V.G.
Reed A
Relyea, A
Richardson, D
Roberts, AA
Rozanski R
Smyth S.A.
Sutton A.
Tanner A
Thompson B.
Tolhurst P.J.
Tymms J.D.M.
Whittaker I.P.
Williamson DL
Winter, M
Wood B.A.
Woodhouse S