Medal Tournaments – full list of Entries

Entry to the 2019 Medal tournaments is now closed. Below are the full lists of entries in alphabetical order. Please contact me immediately if you have entered & your name is not below. The tournaments will get underway in 7-10 days time.

Webserver Entries

Almarza-Mato, C
Beckett, P
Bradney, R
Bruce, R
Burridge, R
Cannon, A
Carey, G
Carter, M
Cole, S
Copsey, A
Elwood, D
Fox, J
Gardner, A
Grobler, D
Hughes, G
Jefferson, N
Kiddell, T
Kitson, K
Lindberg, W
Little, G
Mason, I
Moujan, P
Muljadi, P
Murray, AJ
Palmer, V
Pheby, I
Picken, RD
Reed, A
Relyea, A
Roberts, AA
Sherwood, A
Sherwood, H
Sherwood, R
Smyth, S
Spagnoli, E
Sutton, A
Thompson, B
Tibbert, P
Whittaker, I
Winter, M
Wood, B
Woodhouse, S

Postal Entries

Beckett, P
Burridge, R
Carey, G
Clapp, J
Clayton, I
Cook, D
Dixon, R
Frith, R
Gallimore, D
Lawrence, S
MacDonald, M
Mann, R
Murray, AJ
Phillips, P
Sherwood, R
Smith, ADJ
Terry, P
Toye, DK