William Mason Championship, Candidates & Reserves

BCCA Champion 2010/11 is  Les Ellis!  who wins by 2 clear points, Runner Up is Leslie Eastoe. Congratulations to both players.

In the Candidates tournament results are as follows:-

Candidates A – Winner = Stan Grayland, Candidates B – Winner = D.J. Finnie, Candidates C – Winner = Anthony Balshaw, Candidates D – Winner = David Coyne, All of whom have qualified for the 2011/12 Championship Final. For full results click here:-Candidates Results

Results for the Reserves Tournament are:-

Reserves A – Winner = A. Copsey, Reserves B – Winner = Peter Hulse, Reserves C – Winner = J. Redwood, Reserves D – Winner M.R. Wilson, Reserves E – Winner L Rhodes, These players have qualified for the 2011/12 Candidates Tournament. For full results click here:-Reserves Results