Webserver Trios – Latest Results

We start with Class 3 Trio No. 56 where our General Secretary, BM Neil Limbert prevailed with a score of 2.5/4 in a very tight match with Alex Relyea and Nigel Norman. Neil is now eligible to play in the Trios Championship with a place in the next Semi-Final Round. Well played all.

Next we have Class 2 Trio No.87 won by Paul Scott with a perfect score of 4/4 against Malcolm Winter and Selina Kellett. Paul is awarded 4 BCM Points and promoted to Class 3 to start his BM and championship campaign.

Peter Tibbert prevailed in Class 1 Trio No.171 with a score of 3/4 against Ray Cox and Brian Cunningham. Peter is awarded 2 BCM points and returns to Class 2, well played all.

Finally we have Class 1 Trio No.170  where Andrew Smith took the honours with a perfect score of 4/4 against Gary Haines and Peter Dearnley. Andrew is promoted to Class 2 and awarded 2 BCM Points