Webserver Trios Results Update

Here are the latest results.

We start with Class 2 Trio No. 85 where Xiang Jun  Tee and James Wilkinson share the honours with 3 points each. Both receive 2 BCM points leaving James just needing 1 more point for the BCM title.

Next we have Class 3 Trio No. 52 where Alexander Relyea prevailed with a score of 2.5/4 in a tough battle with CCE, BCM Alexander Sherwood. He will now play for a place in a Trios Championship Semi-final and receives 3 BM Points.

BCM Neil Jefferson is the winner of Class 3 Trio No. 58 with a score of 2.5/4 in a close match with David Grobler. Neil also goes on to play for a place in Trios Championship Semi Final and receives 3 coveted BM Points bringing his total to 7

Class 1 Trio 171 has been won by Keith Dudeney with a score of 2.5/4 against Jim Fox and Chris Kent. Keith receives 2 BCM points taking his total to 17 and is promoted to Class 2

Iris Pardoe is the winner of Class 1 Trio 173 with a perfect score of 4/4 against Martin Hardwick and Keith Dudeney, well played. Iris receives 2 more BCM Points bring her total to 8