BCCA v Scheming Mind: Do you want to play?

I am organising a BCCA team to play a return Friendly Match against a team from Scheming Mind & all BCCA members are invited to play in the team.  Each player will play only two games against one opponent. Play will be on the webserver, standard time controls, and I am hoping to start in early April.

All rating strengths can hopefully be accommodated from 2400 all the way down. The last match (which still has one game ongoing – see: https://www.iccf.com/event?id=61993 ) has been convincingly won by Scheming Mind so we are looking for revenge!

If you wish to play, please contact me within the next 10 days. I look forward to hearing from you. Please note that, if the numbers from both teams do not match, I may have to leave some players out or ask some players to double up. I will see how it goes.