Webserver Trios – Latest Results

Since the last BCCA Webserver Trios update 4 Class Two’s and 3 Class Three Trios have been decided.

Maurice Carter and Carlos Almarza Mato are joint winners of BCCA/C2/Tr78  which ended as a 3 way time 2/2 but Maurice and Carlos won on the tie break with 1 win apiece, both are promoted to Class 3 and receive 2 BCM Points.

Angus James and Lester Weiss are joint  winners  of BCCA/C2/Tr72 with a score of 3/4, both are promoted to Class 3 and receive 2 BCM Points apiece.

Phillip Tolhurst is the outright winner of BCCA/C2/Tr91 with a score of 3/4, Phillip receives 4 BCM Points bringing his total to 11 and is promoted to Class 3.

BCM Gregory Hughes has won BCCA/C2/Tr83 with a perfect score of 4/4 and is now playing in a Class 3 Trios Championship Qualifier, Well played Greg.

BCCA/C3/Tr60 ended with a draw between BCM Colin Cheek and BCM Phillip Beckett with a score of 2.5/4  and are awarded 1 BM point apiece.  Both will play again in the next Class 3 Championship Qualifier as an outright win is required to go through.

SIM Keith Kitson has won BCCA/C3/Tr62 with an excellent 3.5/4. Kieth has been awarded 3 BM points which brings his total to 20 and the BCCA Master Title . Keith is now playing in a Trios Championship Semi-Final where a cash prize is guaranteed to the winner.

BM David Coyne and CCE Praveen Rallabandi share the honours in BCCA/C3/Tr59 with scores of 2.5/4. This was a tight match and both will play again in new Championship Qualifiers for that elusive Trios Championship Semi-Final place.