Medal Tournaments – Confirmed Entries so far…..

The following players are confirmed as having entered the 2018 Medal tournaments. If you haven’t entered yet, there is still time (last date of entry 31 January). If you have entered & your name is not below, please contact me.


Batchelor, P
Beckett, P
Bruce, R
Burridge, R
Campbell, E
Carter, M
Cheek, C
Clark, S
Copsey, A
Coyne, D
Cunningham, B
Elwood, D
Gardner, A
Grobler, D
Hardwick, M
Hughes, G
Jefferson, N
Kitson, K
Lindberg, W
Mason, I
Morton, P
Moujan, P
Owens, J
Pheby, I
Picken, RD
Reed, A
Relyea, A
Roberts, AA
Smith, A
Smyth, S
Sutton, A
Tibbert, P
Winter, M
Wood, B
Woodhouse, S


Beckett, P
Burridge, R
Clayton, I
Crawshaw, R
Dixon, R
Frith, D
Frith, R
Gallimore, D
Mann, RHK
Morton, P
Phillips, P
Smith, ADJ
Terry, P
Toye, DK