Webserver Trios – September Update

We start with Class 1 Trio No.151 which was won by Brian Robinson and Andrew Ellis jointly with 3 points apiece. The third player was Paul Theedom-Bridgeman. Brian and Andrew receive 1 BCM Point each and are promoted to Class 2

Then comes Class 1 Trio No.160 where Ju Te Xiang was the winner with an excellent score of 3.5/4 against Chris Kent and Raymond Cox. Ju receives 2 more BCM Points and has already qualified for Class 2.

Next we have Class 1 Trio No.162 which was a close fought battle between 2 new members, Lea Hudson and Peter Dearnley. Lea prevailed with an excellent score of 3.5 points, Peter finished with a very respectable 2.5 points and almost made it 3 points apiece. The third player was Alan Terry. Lea is promoted to Class 2 and receives 2 BCM Points

After that we have Class 1 Trio 159 which was a very tight contest between Iris Pardoe, Brian Cunningham and Keith Dudeney. In the end Iris prevailed with a score of 2.5 points and moves back to Class 2 with 2 BCM Points

Now we are on to Class 2 Trio No.84 where Richard Akrill won with a score of 3 points against Michael Farmer and Stephen Woodhouse. Richard receives 4 BCM points and is promoted to Class 3 and the possibility of qualifying for a Webserver Trios Championship Semi-Final.

And finally we have Class 3 Trio No.39 where Trevor Carr prevailed in a very tight match with Dr. Mark Wilson and Edmund Foulds. Trevor received 3 BM Points. Both he and Mark will be playing in Championship Qualifiers next time round. Edmund returns to Class 2 for his next Trio.