Webserver Trios – July Update

Three Trios have been decided this month – one in each Class.

We will start with Class 1 Trio No. 158 which has been won by Raymond Cox and David Elwood jointly. Raymond has now achieved the 20 points needed for the BCCA Candidate Master Title, David is now on 12 points – just 8 more to go.

Next we have Class 2 Trio No. 69 which has been won by new member, Praveen Kumar Rallibandi,  with an impressive 3.5/4 – Praveen now has 8 BCM Points and has been promoted to Class 3

Finally, Class 3 Trio No. 44 has been won by BCM Gary Maguire  in a close fought battle with BCM David Grobler. Gary clinched the win by 1/2 a point and receives 3 BM Points taking his total to 6. Both Gary and David are now playing in Trios Championship Qualifiers and may well meet again in a Semi-Final.