Webserver Trios – May Update

It has been a busy month in the Trio’s Tournament with 5 Trios decided. Unfortunately two Trios were subject to silent withdrawals with is extremely poor etiquette and results in the players concerned being banned from the ICCF server and all BCCA Competitions for up to 2 years.

BCCA/C2/Tr73 – LIM Helen Sherwood has won the trio with a great score of 3.5/4, Helen receives 4 BCM Points taking her total to 23 and receives the coveted BCCA Candidate Master Title. Helen is already playing in Class 3 chasing the BCCA Master Title and a Trio Championship Semi-Final Slot.

BCCA/C2/Tr70Alex Tupper is the winner against David Howel. Because there was a silent withdrawal – there is no promotion to Class 3 and Alex receives 2 BCM points instead of 4. Both Alex and David are awarded a free trio as compensation.

BCCA/C1/Tr157 –  Unfortunately there were 2 silent withdrawals in this Trio making Jun Xiang Tee  the winner by default. Jun is awarded 1 BCM point and a free trio as compensation. Both players who withdrew are suspended from all BCCA Competitions at the moment.

BCCA/C2/Tr71Johnny Owens is the winner with an excellent score of 3.5/4. Johnny is promoted to Class 3 and receives 4 BCM Points. The other players were Malcolm Winter and Stephen Woodhouse.

BCCA/C2/Tr79Ray Kappel wins with a score of 3.5/4, well played. Ray is promoted to Class 3 and receives 4 BCM points. The other players were: Malcolm Winter and John Walker