Webserver Trios – March Update

Seven Trios have been decided this month  4 of which were Class 3’s which means that 9 of our Top Players now have the option of playing in a Trio Championship Qualifier.

Class 1 Trio No.153John Dunn has won this Trio with a perfect score of 4/4 against Patrick Walsh and Martin Hardwick. John is awarded 2 BCM Points bringing his total to 10 and promoted to Class 2.

Class 1 Trio No.154William Lindberg is the winner with a perfect score of 4/4 against Iris Pardoe and Patrick Walsh. William is awarded 2 BCM Points giving him a total of 10 and promoted to Class 2

Class 3 Trio No.41Robert Rozanski wins with an excellent score of 3.5/4 against Graham Patrick and Phil Beckitt – well played. Robert receives his first 3 BM Points towards the title

Class 3 Trio No.46 BM John Brasier has won this close fought Trio with a score of 2.5/4 against Alex Sherwood and Phillip Tolhurst. If John wins his next Class 3 Trio he will qualify for the New Webserver Trios Championship.

Class 3 Trio No.37 – The result was a three way tie between Russell Sherwood, Alexander Relyea and Eoin Campbell and they share the 3 BM Points available. This kicks off the BM Campaigns for Alex and Eoin.

Class 1 Trio No.74John Horton and BCM Raymond Burridge are joint winners. John receives 2 BCM Points and both he and Raymond are promoted to Class 3. The third player was Raymond Cox

Class 3 Trio No.45LIM Dawn Williamson has won this Trio in a tight finish with LIM Helen Sherwood and David Cook. Dawn finished with a score of 2.5/4. and is awarded 3 BCCA Master Points bringing her total to 6. David came within half-a-point of making it a three way tie. Well played all.