Players Required! For BCCA teams in the SCCA Webserver League

The Scottish CCA are organising their annual webserver Team event starting in January, and BCCA will be entering multiple teams as usual.  We entered 5 teams last season & would like to enter the same number or more this time around. So players are required! Would you like to play?

There is no Entry Fee as BCCA will be covering those costs. Each player played 6 or 7 games each last time. I know the timing of this event could be better because many of you are already committed to playing for the BCCA or other teams in the British WS Team tournament also starting next month. Both these events are outside our control so clashes like this are something we have to live with.

There were 3 Divisions last time & I expect the same again so all standards of player are catered for. If you wish to play, please let Neil Limbert know within the next 10 days!
Last season’s Divisions can be seen here:-