Webserver Trios – November Update

Congratulations to John Horton and Robert Bruce who are joint winners of Class 1  Trio  No.141 with identical scores of 3/4. John and Robert receive 1 BCCA Candidate Master point each and will both be promoted to class 2. Robert has now accumulated 14 BCCA Candidate Master Points whilst for John this is his first step towards the title (20 points needs to gain the title)

SIM Keith Kitson has won Class 3 Trio No.36 with an impressive score of 3.5/4. Keith is awarded 3 BCCA Master Points taking his total to 17 (just 3 more needed to gain the title.)

Congratulations to Mark Eldridge on winning Class 3 Trio No.40 with an excellent score of 3/4.
Mark is already holds the BCCA Master Title having gained it in 2015.