Webserver Trios – June Update

Congratulations to Edmund Foulds on winning  Class 3 Trio No. 31 with an impressive score of 3/4. Edmund will receive 3 BCCA Master points taking his total to 6 (20 needed to gain the title.)

Very well played to Richard Tillett on winning the above Class 3 Trio No.34  with a perfect score of 4/4. Richard will receive his first 3 BCCA Master points (20 needed to gain the title.)

Congratulations to Alex Sherwood winning both Class 1 Trio No.126 with a clean sweep of 4/4  and Class 2 Trio No. 59 with a score of 3.5/4, Alex has been promoted to Class 3 and has been awarded 6 BCCA Candidate Master Points in total.

Congratulations to Keith Dudeney on winning Class 1 Trio No.130 with a perfect score of 4/4. Keith is awarded 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points taking his total to 13 (20 needed to gain the title) Unfortunately there will be no promotion awarded from this trio due to the silent withdrawal of one of the players

Congratulations to Yosua Sitorus on winning Class 2 Trio No.62 with an impressive score of 3.5/4. Yosua is now promoted to Class 3 and receives 4 BCCA Candidate Master Points, taking his total to 10 (10 more needed to gain the title.) Class 3 Players can also enter Class Two Trios if they wish to continue earning BCM Points