Webserver Trios – May Update

Congratulations to Jim Fox for winning  Class 1 Trio No.125 with a perfect score of 4/4. Jim is promoted to Class 2 and receives 2 BCCA Candidate Master points taking his total to 7 (20 needed to gain the title.}

Well played to Brian Robinson on winning the  Class 1 Trio  No.131 with an impressive score of 3.5/4. Brian is promoted to Class 2 and will receive 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points taking his total to 3 (20 required to gain the title.}

Congratulations to Trevor Carr on winning Class 3 Trio No.28 with a score of 3/4. Trevor has been awarded 3, sought after, BCCA Master Points bringing his total to 9

Congratulations to Ron Cooper on winning the  Class 1 Trio No.133 with a perfect score of 4/4. Ron (having already gained the BCM title) will now play in Class 3 to compete for BCCA Master Points