Webserver Trios – January Update

Congratulations to Dennis Broadway who has won his 4th Class 2 Trio No.45 with a score of 3/4  in a close fought finish with Eugenio Spagnoli. Dennis has already achieved the coveted BCCA Candidate Master Title and is now pursuing his campaign in Class 3 where he has already notched up 6 points towards the BCCA Master Title.

Malcolm Winter has won Class 1 Trio No.99 with a score of 3/4  against Alex Tupper and Paul Clarke. Malcolm  has been awarded a further 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points bring his total to 12 – only another 8 to go for the title. Malcolm is already playing in Class 2 where 4 points are available for a win.

Congratulations to Iris Pardoe on winning Class 1 Trio with a perfect score of 4/4. Iris is promoted to class 2 and is awarded her first 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points well done !! (20 points needed to gain the title.)

Well done to all three players on each scoring 2/4 which results in a three way tie for first place (and not a single draw !!) in Class 1 Trio No.122.
It has been decided to award you all 1 BCCA Candidate Master point apiece. This takes Keith Dudeney’s total to 11, David Robert’s to 3 and gives Brian Robinson his foot on the ladder to the BCCA Candidate Master Title (20 points needed to gain the title.) There was no outright winner and no promotion from this Trio, Keith had already won promotion from BCCA/C1/Tr115

Congratulations to Maurice Carter on winning Class 1 Trio No.117 with two fine wins over Ron Cooper. Maurice receives 2 BCCA Candidate master points to add to the 4 he has already accumulated taking his tally to 6. Ron continues on 16 points so keep going only 4 more needed to make the title. Unfortunately due to the silent withdrawal of the 3rd competitor in this event there will be no promotion to class 2.