Webserver Trio’s – May Update

Congratulations to Raymond Burridge on winning Class 3 Trio  No.19 with a score of 3/4, Raymond is awarded 3 BCCA Master Points to start his campaign for the coveted Master Title.

Congratulations to Gary Maguire on his first Class 3 Trio win with a near perfect score of 3.5/4 in BCCA/C3/Tr16. Gary has been awarded 3 BCCA Master Points which kicks off his campaign for the BCCA Master Title.

Eoin Campbell has won Class 2 Trio No.49 with a score of 3.5/4 against Robert Bruce and David Woodruff. Eoin has been awarded 4 valuable BCCA Candidate Master Points and has been promoted to Class 3 – very well played.