William Mason Championship

The BCCA ‘William Mason’ Championship for 2010-11 is our premier event and determines who will be the club champion each year. The Championship is a promotion tournaments and this season we have a Championship section, four ‘Candidates’ sections and a five ‘Reserves’ sections.

You can view the latest tables here.

The Championship itself is still wide open with just a handful of results report to date. Led by L.G. Eastoe but all players still have enough unreported results to win this one. The Candidates comprises four sections with the winner gaining the chance to compete at the highest level. Candidates A is led by Stan Grayland on a very impressive 4/4 whilst Candidates B is led by our President Jonathan Rashleigh. Candidates C & D demonstrate the difference between web-server play and normal post or email move transmission. Both of the these sections are being played on the web-server and almost all games are completed whilst the non web-server events are still wide open. Candidates C is led by Anthony Balshaw on 7.5/9 whilst Candidates D is led by David Coyne on 8.5/10 closely followed by Antony Cannon with 6.5/8.

The five Reserves sections are also split between web-server and postal play, the three postal sections are wide open although Reserves A is led by A. Copsey 5/5, Reserves B is led by P. Hulse 3/3 and Reserves C has M.E. Hardwick on 2.5/3. The web-server sections have more games completed, Reserves D is led by Dr. M.R. Wilson on 8/8 whilst Lawrence Rhodes leads Reserves E with a fantastic 10/10, very well done!