Selected Openings and Gambit Tournament Results Update

The following results have been reported in the following Selected Openings and Gambit Tournaments

SOT Main Theme
Thornton 1-0 Wood
Wood 1-0 Thornton
Grobler 1-0 Crawshaw
Crawshaw 1-0 Grobler
Crawshaw 1-0 Wood
Grobler draws with Gallimore

Gambit A
Wright 1-0 Clough
Thompson 0-1 Clough
Grobler 1-0 Brook
Clough 1-0 Brook

Gambit B
Richardson draws with Witt
Witt 0-2 Gallimore
Richardson 2-0 Thornton
Richardson 0-1 Witt
Gallimore 1-0 Richardson
Jolly 0-1 Witt

Counter Gambit
Wright draws both games v Cranmer
Cranmer 1-0 Thornton
Richardson 2-0 Thornton
Gallimore 1-0 Richardson