BCCA Championship Results Update

The following results have recenly been reported in the BCCA Championship.

Braunton 0-1 Ellis
Eastoe 1-0 Braunton
McLaughlin 1-0 Braunton
Ellis 1-0 Brotherton
Gould 0-1 McMahon

Candidates A
Cranmer draws both games v Picken
Tymms 2-0 Picken
Grayland 2-0 Cranmer

Candidates B
Harriman 1-0 Dixon
Rashleigh 1-0 Burridge
Coleman 1-0 Burridge
Burridge draws with Coleman
Finnie draws with Burridge
Rashleigh 1-0 Dixon

Reserves A
Denton 0-1 Copsey
Copsey 2-0 Toye
Copsey 1-0 Fuller
Copsey 1-0 Elwood

Reserves B
Lindop 0-1 Hulse
Hulse 2-0 Woodfuff