Championship 2010-11 Update Feb 3rd

The 2010-11 BCCA Championship is being contested in postal and web-server sections. Results are now beginning to come in, the postal section results to date are, Championship: Sutton draws with Eastoe, Sutton draws with McMahon. Candidates A: Grayland 2-0 Picken, Thompson 2-0 Picken. There are four web-server sections, Candidates C is led by Stephen Clark, Terry Taylor and Phillip Beckett on 4½pts, In Candidates D David Coyne leads with an excellent 6½pts/7 and has a good chance of qualifying for the 2011-12 Championship section.

In Reserves D the lead is shared by Dr. M.R. Wilson and Sandy Smyth with perhaps Dr. Wilson holding the advantage although a key game could be Wilson v Smyth. Reserves E is currently led by Lawrence Rhodes with an unbeaten 9/9, the key game is Tibbert v Rhodes with Peter needing to win if he is to remain in contention for 1st place. That wraps up the current state of play in the 2010-11 Championship but we can expect to see results starting to arrive in large numbers from here.

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