William Mason Championship 2010-11

The BCCA ‘William Mason Championship’ has attracted an excellent entry of 64 players who will compete in 10 sections comprising of the Championship section, 4 Candidates sections and 5 Reserves sections. Games will be played by web-server, post or email, the web-server sections are Candidates C & D, Reserves D & E.  Play starts on October 1st or immediately upon receipt of the pairing notice, the adjudication date is July 31st 2011. Those competing this season are,

Championship Section: L T Ellis, K W McLauglin, R J Braunton, A Sutton, J R Etherington, F McMahon, L K G Eastoe, T S Brotherton, Dr J S Hill, I C Gould.

Candidates A: S J Grayland, A Reed, S W Thompsom, J D M Tymms, R D Picken, S E Cramner
Candidates B: R Harriman, D J Finnie, J.M.V Rashleigh, R N Dixon, R J Burridge, G Coleman
Candidates C: M J Blake, P Beckett, T Taylor, S L Clark, A Balshaw, A J Ling
Candidates D: F Clough, D J Grobler, A Cannon, A Gardner, D Coyne, I J Mason

Reserves A: S Hollingworth, D K Toye, D Elwood, J L Fuller, S P Denton, A Copsey
Reserves B: D G Woodruff, M K Cockerill, A Lindop, P M Dickenson, P Hulse, P Phillips
Reserves C: Dr F Raafat, M E Hardwick, A D J Smith, J Thornton, M Farrar, J Redwood
Reserves D: Dr M Wilson, M M Kohler, S A Smyth, D Richardson, B A Wood, D Roberts
Reserves D: P H Tibbert, R E Rough, L Rhodes, A.W.J.Tanner, D.C. Gosling, C Neil